What is ServiceNow Ticketing Tool | You Should Know In 2022 (2022)

This article mainly represents ServiceNow Ticketing Tool, which helps to resolve company issues. ServiceNow is a US-based cloud computing company that focuses on providing technical management support to IT companies. As its name represents, ServiceNow offers many problem-solving services for different organizations and is a software-as-a-service provider in the IT sector.

In this blog, we will discuss the following topics
  • What is ServiceNow Ticketing Tool?
  • How does the ServiceNow ticketing tool work?
  • Major Issues in ServiceNow ticketing
  • Type of tickets in ServiceNow
  • How to manage incident tickets in ServiceNow?

Solving an issue can cost you loads of time, effort, and money in the IT sector. To prevent all of them, ServiceNow has introduced its Ticketing Tool. Resolving issues in IT is not a piece of cake and can cause a disturbance in everyday IT processes. ServiceNow Ticketing Tool works in a well-organized stepwise process to resolve users’ issues.

Each and every well-organized IT process works in a stage-wise manner and ServiceNow is not different from any of them. The ServiceNow Ticketing Tool works in a 3-step process, in which, firstly an issue is reported, then its managed in the best possible way. In the final step, it gets resolved with the mental capability of highly skilled professionals and advanced computing systems. This is the complete working structure of this tool, and now, let us get some deep knowledge about it in the below-given points.

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How does the ServiceNow ticketing tool work?

As we have already mentioned above, ServiceNow Ticketing Tool works in a three-step process. Its well-arranged manner of working provides a better user experience as well as quicker responses. You can get a detailed description of all its stages in the below-given points to understand it more deeply. For making it a bit easy, let's take an example of a broken phone in your office and its lifecycle with ServiceNow. Kindly take a look at these points shown below:

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Reporting an issue

It is the first step in this process, in which an issue gets reported in the system for further process. Now according to the example, you have a broken phone in your office and you have to fix this up via ServiceNow. Now, to report this issue you have a total number of 4 ways, which can be seen via the following points:

  • Via creating an incident directly in ServiceNow.
  • Via sending an email to the company’s official id (i.e. instancename@service-now.com).
  • Via reaching out to the Service Desk directly by a phone call or walk-in.
  • Via the creation of a new incident by reaching out to the service portal or service catalog at the ServiceNow homepage.
  • Automatically, via regular automated analysis of phone system logs.
  • Via ServiceNow directly if any malfunctioning is created.

Apart from this, that issue can also be reported by a partner, but only if the facility is arranged by the company.

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Managing an issue

After reporting the issue, it goes to the second phase termed as ‘Managing’. This process has three steps. You can check them out in the below-mentioned points:

  • Assessment: Under this, admins analyze the urgency and impact of the issue, after which, the system automatically sets its priority level.
  • Assignment: After the assessment, the reported incident goes to the highly skilled technical specialists via email. These specialists take the bridle from here.
  • Handling: The support team then performs necessary operations for the restoration of the usual workflow back again.

Furthermore, ServiceNow also provides you a facility to track the status of the Service Desk’s activities for our issue. Apart from this, if any miracle happens and your phone starts automatically without any assistance from the Service Desk, you can easily cancel the reported incident.

Resolving an issue

Now, this is a really interesting part as ServiceNow doesn’t allow the tech team to just hit the ‘Resolve’ button and close the case. The tech team will need to fill up a form, or we can say input resolution information. For this, they will have to state many important things including, who resolved it, when it got resolved, and a resolution (i.e. not solved, permanently solved, solve through a workaround, etc).

If the issue gets completely resolved, then you will be asked to shut it down, and if you don’t respond, the team will do it automatically after a fixed period of time. Unfortunately, if the problem doesn’t get resolved, escalation rules take the charge. According to these rules, the system notifies the inactivity team regarding this issue within a particular solving process. Inactivity monitors then examine every step taken to solve the incident very closely and SLAs (Service Level Agreements) track the time spent on the incident. This entire process has been developed just to offer you high-quality service.

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Major Issues in ServiceNow ticketing

ServiceNow is undeniably a great IT Management Platform and has given a spectacular Ticketing Tool to the world. With the reference of time, the company has evolved all of their tools in a very smart manner to be the Greek gods in their niches. However, the users have faced some issues while using ServiceNow Ticketing. The company must have taken appropriate actions on them, but getting them through can make you aware of the possible problems while using it. Kindly take a look at the below-given points

  • Accounting for time off (i.e. vacation, off-duty, etc) as well as for the time of resolving an issue.
  • Less interactive User Interface.
  • Limitations in reporting functionalities, as it is a bit complex to create reports in it.
  • Unannounced changes in UI/UX create confusion.
  • Immature searchability.
  • Not able to perform smoothly if having multiple owners.

These are some issues faced by the users of the ServiceNow Ticketing Tool till now. However, these are the researched issues and must have been taken care of by the company itself.

Type of tickets in ServiceNow

To get rid of issues, the users initially need to understand them more deeply and differentiate them as per their categories to work upon them more efficiently. It is a bit logical and needs to be taken care of while detecting any issue. For example, if we use ‘Food’ to refer to everything we eat, it will undoubtedly become a bit confusing to detect what we mean by it as there are, bread, noodles, pasta, chicken, mutton, and many other food items. They are all different from each other and we make them in different ways. The same goes with the problems, and the ServiceNow team has differentiated them into 4 categories. Kindly check them out in the following points given below:

Incident Management:

These tickets are used for unplanned and sudden interruptions in an IT service delivery.

Problem Management:

These tickets are used for the root cause of a number of incidents. Problem Management focuses on the main reason or problem behind many similar incidents. For example a server issue.

Request Management:

These tickets are used for smaller requests when you need something from IT support.

Change Management:

As its name suggests, these tickets are used if you want to make any change in your IT environment. In simple words, you can use these tickets if you want to add, remove, or modify anything under the hood of your IT services. For eg: replacing a legacy system.

Initially, it is a bit difficult for everyone to differentiate between a problem and an incident. Let’s get it more clear, Incident Management is entirely focused on resolving a specific issue and restoring the usual flow of business as quickly as possible. Whereas, Problem Management revolves around finding the root cause of similar incidents and resolving them to prevent future mishappening.

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So, if your ticketing system is not able to differentiate between an Incident and a Problem, it is a serious threat for all of your company’s IT operations. If a system ignores the root cause of similar incidents, and they keep coming, again and again, it can simply affect the efficiency of your IT services.

We can understand this more clearly with the help of a general life example. If a person has terrible health issues, then the support of some random medicines will not help for a long time. The issues will arise again after passing out the effect of medicines. In order to make him/her completely alright, a specialist doctor will need to examine him/her deeply so that the main problem (like weak eyesight for headache, Typhoid for continuous loose motions, etc.) can be resolved. Here, ServiceNow works as a Doctor to cure out the main problem in your working process in Problem Management.

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How to manage incident tickets in ServiceNow?

If you’re working for a big organization, then the number of tickets can eventually face an exponential increment. In this case, you will have to take the responsibility of handling all of them. The lifecycle of an incident can be seen below:

New Incident > Assignment > Work in Progress > Pending > Resolved/Closed/Cancelle

Here, we are guiding you on how to manage the ticket in ServiceNow during its entire lifecycle. To manage an incident ticket under the ServiceNow Ticketing System, you can simply go through the following points shown below:

Creating a new Incident Ticket:

To create a new Incident ticket, you can simply follow the below-mentioned points to get through the entire process without any hustle:

  • Select the ‘Incident’ module on the left sidebar and click ‘Create New’.
  • Fill all the columns appropriately. (Note: Mandatory columns are showcased as a red box).
  • Click the ‘Save and Exit’ or ‘Save’ button located at the header bar and below the vendor ticketing fields.

Moving the Ticket in ‘Assigned’ State:

To get this process done, kindly take a look at the following points:

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  • Select the right ‘Assignment Group’ and ‘Assigned to’ precisely.
  • Fill up all the required information.
  • Click ‘Save and Exit’ or ‘Save’

Note: You are always allowed to change the incident state that is to be assigned.

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Moving the Ticket into ‘Work in Progress State:

To make this task done, you can apply these below-mentioned points:

  • Simply change the Incident State to the ‘Work in Progress' state.
  • Click ‘Save and Exit’ or ‘Save’.
  • Record tasks performed in the ‘Additional Comments’ section till the incident remains in this state.

Moving a Ticket into ‘Pending’ State:

For this, you just need to change the Incident state to ‘Pending’ and update the comment section with the reason for pending.

Moving a Ticket into ‘Resolved’ State:

In this section, you will have to follow the given instructions:

  • Change the Incident State to ‘Resolved’.
  • Enter the necessary and appropriate information in the ‘Resolution Notes’ and ‘Resolution Code’ sections.
  • Click ‘Save and Exit’.

Moving a Ticket into ‘Closed’ State:

This is an automated process, in which resolved tickets move to the closed state after 24 hours.

Moving a Ticket into ‘Cancelled’ state:

For this, you will have to change the Incident State to ‘Cancelled’ and then just click ‘Save and Exit’.

In this way, an Incident Ticket can be managed in the ServiceNow Ticketing System. Apart from this, you also get many additional options such as attaching configuration items, watch lists, etc. These additional facilities to help in managing incident tickets can simply be seen in the help manual offered by ServiceNow.

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Here we have showcased all the essential information related to ServiceNow Technology and its Ticketing system. You can easily get through it to understand it more deeply before heading on with it.

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What is ServiceNow ticket tool? ›

Introducing ServiceNow Ticketing Tool

ServiceNow is a ticketing system for resolving everyday internal IT issues. Its unique delivery model offers a ton of benefits, the majority of which involve saving resources and streamlining solutions delivery. It is an ITSM system which handles all aspects of IT Services.

Which ticketing tool is best? ›

The 11 best help desk ticketing systems
  • Zendesk. ...
  • HubSpot Service Hub. ...
  • Freshdesk. ...
  • Front. ...
  • Jira Service Desk. Best for engineering teams. ...
  • Freshservice. Best for IT support teams at enterprise companies. ...
  • Vision Helpdesk. Best for ITIL/ITSM. ...
  • JitBit. Best for teams wanting self-hosted software.
17 Jul 2022

What is ticketing tool in simple words? ›

A ticketing system is a help desk software program used to process, manage, and track customer issues from submission to resolution. Ticketing systems automatically organize and prioritize support requests in a central dashboard. Users can tag, categorize, and assign tickets as they come in.

What is ServiceNow tool and how IT works? ›

ServiceNow is a cloud-based workflow automation platform that enables enterprise organizations to improve operational efficiencies by streamlining and automating routine work tasks.

What is SLA in ticketing tool? ›

You apply a service level agreement (SLA) to a ticket to specify the service commitments that must be met either by the service provider or the customer. An SLA specifies commitments and the escalation actions or notifications for each commitment.

What is I top ticketing system? ›

An IT ticketing system refers to a business software that equips organizations with all the features they need to resolve both internal as well as external IT support requests and incidents. User issues are converted into tickets that provide the context of what the user is facing and other relevant details.

Is Jira a ticketing tool? ›

Jira Core and Jira Software, considered premiere IT ticketing tools for Agile development teams, offer features to help you complete and release a range of deliverables.

What is ITSM ticketing system? ›

An ITSM ticketing system is a central storehouse for requests and concerns. It generates a ticket by sending an email to a predefined alias. It also has web forms that allow requesters to create their own tickets. An ITSM ticketing system automates responses informing the requesters of the ticket creation.

What are the steps in ticketing system? ›

The business benefits more than offset the costs of IT help desk software.
  1. Improved customer satisfaction. Sooner or later customers encounter technical issues. ...
  2. Higher team productivity. ...
  3. Meet business obligations. ...
  4. Stage 1: Log tickets. ...
  5. Stage 2: Take action. ...
  6. Stage 3: Monitor and escalate. ...
  7. Stage 4: Close and optimize.
18 May 2022

How do I fix tickets in ServiceNow? ›

Resolve and close an incident
  1. Navigate to Incident > Open.
  2. Open the incident that you want to resolve and close.
  3. In the Resolution Information section, fill in the fields. Table 1. Resolution Information fields. ...
  4. Click Resolve. The incident is in the resolved state.
  5. Click Close Incident. The incident is closed.
22 Mar 2020

What is ticket tool for? ›

Ticket Tool is a highly versatile support bot for Discord which started development in 2019. It allows private support channels, which we call tickets, between your staff team and individual who look for help. It's highly customizable, giving you the freedom for it to be the perfect fit for your server.

Why is a ticketing system important? ›

A ticketing system allows IT support to track, manage, speed up, and deal effectively with incidents. The ticketing software can automatically distribute and assign incidents to the right IT staff member. It can also automatically carry out simple tasks to save time and resources.

What is employee ticketing system? ›

HR Helpdesk Ticketing Systems assist with managing employees, organizing information in order, and automating manual tasks. The HR Support Software integrates all internal HR requests through channels in a single interface. This allows HR staff to manage everyone through a consolidated interface.

How can a beginner learn ServiceNow? ›

This tutorial is designed for readers who are interested in understanding the concepts of ServiceNow. The tutorial also covers the basics of IT service management (ITSM) and Cloud computing. It is mainly targeted for software professionals who are involved in ServiceNow administration and its development.

What is ITSM full form? ›

ITSM (IT Service Management) includes the processes and technology used to plan, deliver, and support IT services.

Is ServiceNow similar to Jira? ›

ServiceNow is a tool that provides workflows designed for centralized IT service management. Unlike ServiceNow, Jira Service Management has the flexibility to support diverse teams and bring development and IT operations teams together on the same platform developers already work in.

What are the 3 types of SLA? ›

There are three basic types of SLAs: customer, internal and multilevel service-level agreements. A customer service-level agreement is between a service provider and its external customers.

What is P1 P2 P3 P4 tickets? ›

P1 – Priority 1 incident tickets (Critical) P2 – Priority 2 incident tickets (High) P3 – Priority 3 incident tickets (Moderate) P4 – Priority 4 incident tickets (Low) SLA success rate is given as percentage.

What is KPI and SLA? ›

An SLA is an agreement between you and your customer that defines how your relationship will work in the future. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are the metrics chosen to gauge how well a team performed against agreed standards.

What is support ticketing? ›

“Support ticket” is a term popularized by support software to describe an interaction between customers and support teams. When customers have problems, they open support tickets. Service representatives interact with customers by responding to support tickets. When the issue is resolved, the ticket is closed.

What is ticket testing software? ›

A ticket is a lingo for a logging system that the testers use to record issues, comments, and updates related to any bug. Each ticket has a description of the bug and a screenshot attached.

How do you politely cancel a ticket? ›

I'm reaching out about your case with us regarding [CASE TOPIC]. It's been [NUMBER OF DAYS] days since we've heard from you, so I wanted to reach out and let you know we are going to close this ticket. Please feel free to reopen this ticket or start a new one if you need any further assistance.

What does Jira stand for? ›

Atlassian introduced Jira in 2002 as an issue-tracking tool for software companies. Fun fact: Atlassian named its product after “Gojira,” which means Godzilla in Japanese. The idea for the name came about because, before they developed the tool, Atlassian's coders used a bug-tracking software tool called Bugzilla.

Is Jira a helpdesk? ›

The Jira Service Desk is reliable help desk software offered by Atlassian and serves as a place where your customers can report bugs, contact you for help, access your knowledge base and request new changes.

How do you handle a support ticket? ›

These 7 points will help you approach each support ticket efficiently and allow you to speed up your response and resolution times.
  1. Quickly respond to each new support ticket. ...
  2. Don't bounce a support ticket between departments. ...
  3. Pay attention to ticket statuses. ...
  4. Make your responses simple. ...
  5. Handle the old cases first.
14 Feb 2014

How can we prevent aging incident tickets? ›

What Are the Strategies That Help to Reduce Aging Tickets?
  1. Reporting and Analyzing Aged Tickets. ...
  2. Help Your Customers Help Themselves. ...
  3. Keep an Eye for the Weak Spots. ...
  4. Work on Ticket Categorization. ...
  5. Keep an Eye for Quick Conquests. ...
  6. Make it a Priority! ...
  7. Understanding the Impact.
10 Nov 2021

How do I create a ticket in ServiceNow? ›

How to Raise a New Ticket in ServiceNow
  1. In the filter navigator (left hand side) type Incident.
  2. Within here you will find an option for 'Create New Ticket'
6 Dec 2018

What is ITSM ticketing system? ›

An ITSM ticketing system is a central storehouse for requests and concerns. It generates a ticket by sending an email to a predefined alias. It also has web forms that allow requesters to create their own tickets. An ITSM ticketing system automates responses informing the requesters of the ticket creation.

What is Jira ticketing tool? ›

Jira Ticketing System. Jira is a proprietary system that was launched in 2002. While its original goal was to track bugs, recent Jira updates support service desk roles, agile project management, and non-IT project management. The service team in your company can leverage this platform to collaborate effortlessly.

What is snow ticket? ›

What is SNOW? SNOW or Service Now is the Online Help Ticket System that all employees of Tennessee State University can access. Use SNOW to request desktop support request reports or any other service offered by OTS. If you have an urgent issue, please call the Help Desk directly at 615-963-7777.

What are the different ticket types in ServiceNow? ›

Using the "Ticket Type" field, technicians will need to choose whether a ticket should be classified as an incident, a demand, or a generic request. The "Ticket Type" field will allow technicians and managers to distinguish between tickets for reporting, SLA compliance measurements, and work prioritization purposes.

How do I check tickets on ServiceNow? ›

To track the status of a service request or incident that has been submitted in ServiceNow: Go to the ITS Customer Support Center page and click the Track My Service Tickets button.

How do I automatically create a ticket in ServiceNow? ›

To create a rule to automatically create a ticket in ServiceNow: From the Enterprise Manager Setup menu, select Incidents, and then select Incident Rules. Click Create Rule Set.

How many ITSM tools are there? ›

With that in mind, ITSM tools span three different categories: enterprise ITSM software, scalable solutions, and security solutions.

Is ServiceNow a ITSM tool? ›

IT Service Management (ITSM) - ServiceNow.

How do I fix tickets in ServiceNow? ›

Resolve and close an incident
  1. Navigate to Incident > Open.
  2. Open the incident that you want to resolve and close.
  3. In the Resolution Information section, fill in the fields. Table 1. Resolution Information fields. ...
  4. Click Resolve. The incident is in the resolved state.
  5. Click Close Incident. The incident is closed.
22 Mar 2020

Is Jira an ITSM tool? ›

Jira Service Management empowers teams with everything they need to get started fast with ITSM practices like request, incident, problem, change, and configuration management.

What is Jira and ServiceNow? ›

ServiceNow is a tool that provides workflows designed for centralized IT service management. Unlike ServiceNow, Jira Service Management has the flexibility to support diverse teams and bring development and IT operations teams together on the same platform developers already work in.

Why is Jira called Jira? ›

Naming. The product name comes from the second syllable of the Japanese word pronounced as Gojira, which is Japanese for Godzilla. The name originated from a nickname Atlassian developers used to refer to Bugzilla, which was previously used internally for bug-tracking.

What is ticket process? ›

Use the Ticketing feature to track issues related to assets, agents, or events. A ticket is a work request created in response to a situation that requires further investigation.

Is snow and ServiceNow the same? ›

Snow Software has a certified integration with ServiceNow to automatically build and maintain the CMDB with accurate user, software and hardware information.

What is incident ServiceNow? ›

Incident Management restores normal service operation while minimizing impact to business operations and maintaining quality. An incident, by definition, is an occurrence that can disrupt or cause a loss of operations, services, or functions.


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