Webinar Registration Form Template | Jotform (2024)

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Shared by EdwardWrighton in Loan Application Forms

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A webinar registration form is used by webinar companies to sign up users for webinar events. A webinar is a live online seminar that is typically broadcast over the Internet or using teleconferencing technology. A webinar registration form is therefore used by event organizers to collect information from potential attendees. Register attendees to your latest webinar with our free Webinar Registration Form! Simply customize the form to meet your needs and embed it in your website to get started. Interested participants can easily enter their names, email addresses, and company information from any device. You’ll receive submissions instantly, ready to view from your secure Jotform account. And if you’re hosting your webinar on Zoom, you can add attendees automatically with our free Zoom integration!

Customizing your Webinar Registration Form only takes a few minutes with our drag-and-drop Form Builder. Ask attendees for more information by adding form fields, and feel free to change the template design or even upload photos to create a more personalized registration form. Feel free to integrate your Webinar Registration Form with your favorite app — you can even sync submissions with Zoom to automatically add registrants to your webinar — and save time manually transferring data between accounts. Increase webinar registrations with a custom Webinar Registration Form, and prepare to host a successful webinar!

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A home loan application is a form that is used to get information from a potential borrower to determine if a loan can be approved. This free home loan application template can help make the loan process much easier for any real estate agent or mortgage broker. Just customize the form to match your requirements, add your logo, and get started with this asset. Collect the necessary information from each potential borrower and determine if they can qualify for a mortgage right away.Customize this template by dragging and dropping, uploading your logo, adding more diversified questions, and choosing new fonts and text colors for a personalized touch. Save time by switching from paper forms to online ones with Jotform. All can be achieved without coding.

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Loan Application Forms

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Webinar Registration Form Template | Jotform (2024)


What should be included in a webinar registration form? ›

Contact information: Your webinar registration form should ask for attendees' name and email address. This is the only must-have. You'll need this information to send webinar details, reminders, and follow-up communications.

Can you add questions to zoom webinar registration? ›

Click New Question to add a question. Choose the type of question: Short answer, Single answer, or Multiple answers. Click Create. Click Save All to save your customized registration.

What should be included in an event registration form? ›

What information to include on conference registration forms
  1. Personal and contact information.
  2. Day or time slot the attendee wants to participate.
  3. Event-specific information, such as dietary restrictions, T-shirt sizes, or other useful information.
  4. Payment details.

Can you use Google Forms for event registration? ›

Can I use Google Forms for event registration? Yes, Google Forms is great online software to create online registrations for any sort of event, because of how easy it is to build out fields and send out invites quickly.

What is a good webinar registration rate? ›

What is a GOOD attendance rate?
Attendance rateRating
<35%Needs work
35-40 %OK
1 more row

How do I see answers to Zoom registration questions? ›

You can view all the information gathered through the registration form through the registration report. This can be run at any time, before or after the scheduled session.

Can everyone see questions in Zoom webinar? ›

You can select to allow who asks a question to be anonymous as well as well if attendees can see only answered questions or all questions asked. Once you review and update any options, select Save. If Q&A is enabled for the webinar, attendees can ask the host, co-hosts and panelists questions.

Can you manually register people for a Zoom webinar? ›

Select manual approval

With your webinar now scheduled, scroll down to the bottom of the webinar details page and click the Invitations tab. By Registration Settings, view the registration options. It will list Automatically Approve or Manually Approve.

How do I create a registration form for an event? ›

In this article
  1. Step 1: Get Ready for Your Online Event Registration Form.
  2. Step 2: Choose a No-code Builder.
  3. Step 3: Select a Template or Start from Scratch.
  4. Step 4: Name Your Project.
  5. Step 5: Customize Your Template.
  6. Step 6: Integrate with Other Platforms (Optional)
  7. Step 7: Preview and Publish.
  8. Step 8: Share Your Event Form.
Sep 4, 2023

How far in advance should you open registration for an event? ›

While a general guideline for opening registration is 3-6 months in advance of your event, here are some things to consider when determining your “go live” date. Get ready and get real. Think about how long it will take you to get your marketing plan together.

How do I create a signup sheet for an event? ›

Three steps to create signup sheet templates for any event.
  1. Step 1: Open a new document. To start the process, open a new document in your word processor of choice. ...
  2. Step 2: Insert a fillable table. ...
  3. Step 3: Convert your signup sheet to a PDF. ...
  4. Download a signup sheet template.

Can you use Microsoft forms for event registration? ›

You can create forms with a variety of fields, embed forms on your website, and use the forms for event registration. Forms are limited to free (non-recurrent) events and allow registration of one person at a time (instead of multiple people together).

How do I create an online event registration form? ›

How to create a Google Form for registration
  1. Step 1: Create a new Google Form. Navigate to your Google Forms. ...
  2. Step 2: Add a title and description of the event. Enter an appropriate title for your form. ...
  3. Step 3: Add necessary registration questions. ...
  4. Step 4: Customize the form's theme. ...
  5. Step 5: Test it out before sending.
Jul 28, 2023

How to create an online registration form free? ›

AidaForm is a flexible online service that lets you easily create a free online registration form – no HTML coding required: just drag and drop the fields you need, choose the visual style that matches the design of your website, and publish your form to get more people on your guest list.

What is required for a webinar? ›

To conduct webinars, you need a computer or a laptop with a stable internet connection, a webcam, a microphone, and a headset. Depending on the nature of your webinar, you may also need a presentation remote or a drawing tablet.

What is webinar registration? ›

The registration process allows you to collect essential information about your attendees, such as their names, email addresses, job titles, and company details. This data helps you better understand your audience and tailor your webinar content to their needs and interests.

How do I create a registration form for Zoom webinar? ›

How to schedule a webinar with registration
  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Webinars.
  3. Select Schedule a Webinar.
  4. Choose the desired webinar settings.
  5. In the Registration section, select the Required checkbox to require registration. ...
  6. Click Schedule.

What is a webinar registration page? ›

A webinar registration page is a standalone landing page on your website. It's the first page that potential customers can visit to signup for your webinar. High-converting webinar landing pages are extremely useful for marketing and collecting contact information from potential customers.

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