Service Truck Tool box Drawers (With Buyer’s Guide) | Gear Hands (2023)

Service Truck Tool box Drawers (With Buyer’s Guide) | Gear Hands (1)

If you use a truck for work, you know that it can be hard to keep all of your tools, chemicals, and other materials from becoming disorganized while driving or on the job. Even service trucks with special organizational compartments sometimes need more structure to keep your tools from sliding into a chaotic mess. Well, that is where toolbox drawers come in.

Service truck toolbox drawers are a great storage solution for organizing tools and materials in your truck. Usually made out of aluminum or steel, these great organizers keep your tools in place while driving, and they will keep chemicals and other materials safe while you are away.

Let’s take a look at the qualities that make some drawers better than others. We will also discuss some of the most popular toolbox drawers and what makes them great so that you can find the best set for you.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Why Should I Use Service Truck Toolbox Drawers?
  • 2 What To Look for in Toolbox Drawers
    • 2.1 Fit
    • 2.2 Metal Type
    • 2.3 Stacking Drawers vs. Single Toolbox Units
    • 2.4 Custom vs. Pre-Made Toolbox Drawers
  • 3 What Are the Best Tool box Drawers for Service Trucks?
    • 3.1 Craftsman
    • 3.2 Snap-On
    • 3.3 UWS
    • 3.4 Durham
    • 3.5 Dee Zee
    • 3.6 Montezuma
    • 3.7 Ironton
    • 3.8 Olympia
    • 3.9 Powerbuilt
  • 4 Tips for Keeping Your Toolbox Drawers in Good Condition
    • 4.1 Pack the Drawers Tightly
    • 4.2 Secure Your Toolbox Drawers Inside the Vehicle’s Compartment
    • 4.3 Clean the Drawers Regularly
    • 4.4 Keep the Toolbox Dry
    • 4.5 Repaint Scratches, Chips, and Rust
  • 5 Conclusion

Why Should I Use Service Truck Toolbox Drawers?

Service truck toolbox drawers are tool chests designed to fit in the compartments of service trucks. These handy organizers keep your instruments and materials just where you want them to be, no matter where you have to take them.

These toolboxes are usually made out of durable metals such as aluminum or steel. Since these metals are durable, they are unlikely to dent, crack, or warp while you drive. Metal also holds up to cold, wet, and hot weather, making metal tool drawers long-lasting.

Drawers are a great way to divide up the space in your service truck. If you end up piling tools, clothes, and other materials into your vehicle, they can easily get lost in a mess. However, drawers separate all of your possessions, making it easier to find them when you need them. Service truck toolbox drawers will organize all of your tools, saving you plenty of time when you are on the job.

Drawers are also handy if you drive around with loose tools in your truck. When you hit a sharp curve or have to pass over rocky roads, your instruments will shift, causing an annoying ringing sound and possibly hiding them in piles of other items. When you open an unorganized compartment in your service truck, loose tools can also fall out, causing you to lose them.

Drawers can secure your tools in place, keeping them from moving as you drive. Having a set of drawers can help you keep tabs on all of your instruments since it will be easier to find them when you need them, and it can keep them from jingling as you drive.

It is also a lot harder to lose tools if you have a place for everything in your truck. Keeping tabs on all of your instruments and materials can be challenging, especially when you have to use them at multiple locations every day. Having a drawer for every tool will help you keep track of them in the long run.

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What To Look for in Toolbox Drawers

If you are interested in maximizing your service vehicle’s storage space, you will want to get the right drawer set for your specific truck. If you get the wrong kind of drawers for your job and your vehicle, you might not be able to use them, or they might break more quickly than they should. So, you should make sure to get the right size, metal material, and structure to ensure that your toolbox drawers will fit all of your specific needs and last as long as possible.

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Some toolbox drawers are broader or taller than others. This tip could be considered a no-brainer, but people often buy toolbox drawers that are too big or too small for their service truck’s compartment.

It may seem like you should get a smaller toolbox than the compartment in your service truck, but if the box does not fit tightly in the truck’s cavity, it will slide around as you drive, making the metal dent and break. Generally, it is crucial to make sure that your toolbox fits within ½ inch (approximately 1 cm) of the height, width, and depth of your truck’s storage compartment.

Likewise, if the box is too big, you will have to get another one. It is very disappointing when you spend money on a product that you cannot use, so you should be cautious when you measure your truck’s storage compartment to ensure that you get the right size for you.

You should always measure out your service truck’s compartments before buying a new set of drawers. If you can, measure the drawers you are interested in with the same tape measure you used to measure the compartment. Doing so will help you get an accurate measurement and ensure that the drawers will fit in your truck before you buy them.

Metal Type

Most toolbox drawers are made out of either aluminum or steel. Both metals have their pros and cons, so you should get to know the benefits and drawbacks of each one before deciding to buy a new toolbox drawer set.

Aluminum is a shiny, lightweight metal that is a perfect toolbox material for anyone worried about weighing down their truck too much. Suppose you live in a humid climate or work in a field involving water, such as wastewater management or landscaping. In that case, you may want to choose an aluminum set of drawers since aluminum will not rust, no matter how much water or salt gets on the metal.

However, aluminum does get duller over time, but this can be remedied by routine polishing if you are worried about the appearance. Aluminum is also less durable than steel. Generally, the heavy-gauge steel that toolbox manufacturers use is still very durable, but it is still more prone to dings and dents than steel. So, if you anticipate putting your drawers under a lot of weight or hard wear, you might want to consider steel instead.

Aluminum is also usually a bit more expensive than steel because it lasts longer and is lighter to carry. However, if you look in the right places and shop for a good deal, the cost of a toolbox can be about the same, so you should not let price dictate which metal you choose.

The primary benefit of steel is its excellent strength and durability. Steel is one of the strongest metals, and it can endure thousands of pounds of pressure. Because it is so strong, steel is a popular toolbox material for people whose profession is in towing, blacksmithy, and other jobs that require more substantial drawers to store heavy materials.

One drawback to steel’s great strength is that it is also a heavy material. Toting around steel toolboxes can reduce fuel efficiency, cause extra wear on vehicles that cannot withstand the weight, and slow down your travel time. If you are worried about your vehicle’s speed and its ability to withstand heavyweight and wear, you might not want to use a steel toolbox.

Steel also corrodes over time, especially when exposed to water or chemicals such as bleach, salt, and acid. So, if you are in an industry that uses chemicals often, you might want to choose aluminum over steel. Most steel toolboxes are covered in a layer of protective paint, but if this paint chips or scratches off, the steel may corrode and rust.

So, when choosing your metal type, you may want to consider each one’s pros and cons. In summary, they are:

AluminumIt is lightweightIt does not rustIt lasts longer, usually a lifetimeIt is chemical and water-resistantIt dents and warps more easilyIt can be more expensive
SteelIt is durable and withstands high pressureIt does not slide as muchIt is very heavyIt rusts and disintegrates over timeIt is sensitive to chemicals and humidityIt requires more maintenance

Stacking Drawers vs. Single Toolbox Units

Some service truck toolbox drawers are comprised of single drawers that stack on top of each other. These drawers allow you to customize your drawer set’s height, which makes finding the perfect fit for your truck’s tool cabinet a piece of cake.

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Stacking drawers are an excellent option for anyone who wants to customize each drawer’s size without paying for unique, custom-built sets. Using these truck toolboxes allows you to choose whatever size drawers you want, so you can make your custom organization scheme to fit your needs.

It is also significantly easier to replace broken drawers if they are stackable. If you damage or break one drawer, you can easily reorder the fractured or corroded piece without having to replace all of them. Being able to replace single drawers can make repairs a lot more economical.

Still, with stacking drawers, you must ensure that the drawer set fits snugly in your truck’s tool compartments to keep the drawers from sliding and unstacking themselves while you are driving. If you do not use the right size drawers, they may slide out of the compartment if you have to park on a hill or slope.

Other toolboxes are made out of one solid cabinet. These drawer sets will not come apart, no matter where you have to drive, but they are not as customizable as stacking drawers. So, if you often have to travel on rough terrain or up steep inclines, you may want to consider purchasing a single-unit toolbox instead of stacking drawers.

Custom vs. Pre-Made Toolbox Drawers

Finding the right size of metal drawers can be a real challenge, especially if your service truck has unusually sized compartments. If you are struggling to find the right size drawers for your vehicle, you might want to consider getting a custom-made set of drawers.

Custom drawers come with many benefits. You can completely customize the toolbox unit’s size, and you can specify the exact depth you want each drawer to have. Getting your own custom-made set of toolbox drawers will also ensure that the unit properly fits in your service truck’s storage compartments, which will save it from extra damage as you drive.

Custom drawers are also a lot easier to get repaired, and many come with a warranty. If your drawers ever break or need to be replaced, your manufacturer can quickly remake any piece of your toolbox.

However, pre-made toolbox drawers are a little bit cheaper than custom sets, which can make a big difference if you are working on a tight budget. Most pre-made toolbox drawers also come with a warranty, but it can be challenging to find the right piece for repairs if it has expired.

What Are the Best Tool box Drawers for Service Trucks?

While shopping for new toolbox drawers for your service truck, it is easy to become overwhelmed by all the different options. If you need some help narrowing down your search, you may want to consider some of these brands whose products have been time tested and recommended for their reliability and longevity.


Craftsman, an all-American brand name, is one of the most popular toolbox brands out there. Craftsman is a specialist brand that only sells toolboxes, so their expertise and knowledge are well known. Their toolboxes usually cost more than other mainstream brands, but their world-renowned reputation as the best toolbox brand makes up for their prices.

Most Craftsman toolboxes also come with locks already installed in them, which can be a great benefit if you want to keep your tools and materials safe, especially if you have to park your service truck at a work site. Most of their products are made from painted steel, but there are a few exceptions.

Craftsman also offers a warranty on all of their products, which makes buying from them especially attractive. They also have outstanding customer service, so if you have any problems with your purchase, they will always be there to help you out.


Many service truck owners recommend Snap-on tool chests for service trucks. Snap-on Incorporated is a tool company based in Wisconsin, and they are committed to supplying quality tool chests made with the most durable, dent-proof materials available.

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The Snap-on kra6210 or kra620 tool chest models are among the best tool chest options for service trucks, especially considering that they were explicitly designed for use in service vehicles. These toolboxes have extra reinforcement on all of their sides and corners, protecting them from any damage that a moving truck might inflict on them.

Their truck toolbox drawer sets also come in several color options, such as blue and orange, which is rare among tool box manufacturers. Snap-on products are all treated with waterproof paint to ensure that humidity and water do not decrease the life expectancy of your toolbox. Also, all Snap-on products come with a generous warranty.


UWS is a USA-based brand of toolboxes that specializes in options for vehicles and service trucks. Because they primarily make toolboxes designed for on-the-go professionals, they have plenty of products for trucks with compartments and storage cabinets of varying sizes. So, if you have a vehicle with an unusually-sized storage compartment, you might want to check out UWS’s products.

UWS offers both heavy-gauge aluminum and powder-coated steel tool drawer options that have withstood the test of time. These toolbox drawers all come in many different configurations and sizes, so they have very versatile options bound to fit your specific organizational needs. UWS products also come with locks pre-installed, so they will keep your tools safe even when you are not on the job.

They also offer a lifetime warranty on their products, making them unique and attractive to most service truck owners.


Durham Manufacturing, based in Connecticut, is a one-stop-shop for all industrial storage. All of their products are designed for heavy-duty wear since they are meant to be used in workplaces. Durham offers several options for service truck storage.

All of Durham’s products are made from industrial-strength steel, finished in either a powder-coat or gloss paint. Since these drawer sets are made from steel, they are on the heavier side, although their durability is very high.

Dee Zee

Dee Zee is a truck accessory manufacturing company, so they are equipped to supply you with solutions for any kind of truck storage needs that you might have. They have many options for service truck toolbox drawers, including wheel well drawers and truck bed drawers.

Dee Zee truck tool boxes come in both heavy-gauge aluminum and steel options, so no matter what you are looking for when it comes to truck storage, they have it. All of their toolbox drawer options come with a pre-installed lock that will protect your tools while you are away.

They also sell additional locks and tie-downs for all of their storage options so that your toolbox stays safe and secure, no matter where you go. Dee Zee products also come with a warranty, so if you are not satisfied with your product, you can always get a replacement or your money back.


Montezuma Storage takes pride in their extremely durable, heavy-duty toolboxes. They were founded 30 years ago in Kansas when the business owner needed a storage solution for all of the tools that he kept in his truck. Montezuma has grown a lot since then, and they offer some of the most innovative, creative solutions for tool organization.

Montezuma toolboxes all come in powder-finished or gloss-finished steel and heavy-gauge aluminum, so they have all of your bases covered. From small worksite toolboxes to large lockers and chests, they have anything that you need to organize your tools in the best way possible. They also offer a 5-year warranty on all of their products, so you can rest assured that your toolbox will last, even in the harshest of conditions.


Ironton is a specialty toolbox line from Northern Tool. Ironton toolboxes are widely available, and you can order them almost anywhere on the internet, including Amazon. They are widely known for their endurance in harsh weather and their relatively low prices.

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Ironton toolbox drawers come in heavy-gauge aluminum and matte black steel. All of their toolboxes come with pre-installed locks and a drop-down door. With their door design, these toolboxes are very resistant to water, making them a great option if they are exposed to rain or humidity. Their drawer sets come in smaller sizes and large sizes, and they even offer truck bed drawers and wheel well drawers.

Overall, Ironton products are some of the cheapest truck toolboxes that you can get without compromising on the product’s quality. They are also widely available, making it easier to find what you are looking for in a drawer set.


Olympia tools is a tool manufacturer with some limited truck storage options. Their tool drawers are also not as weather-proof as some other options, but they are much cheaper and still very durable.

Olympia offers toolboxes made of matte-finished steel. Their drawer sets are much cheaper than other companies’ versions of the same products, so you might want to check out Olympia as a starting point.


Powerbuilt is a tool manufacturing company that offers smaller toolbox drawers. They are a preferred toolbox brand because they offer lifetime warranties on all of their products, so you never need to worry about replacing yours if it breaks.

Their toolboxes come in powder-coated, 16-gauge steel with chrome finishings. These toolboxes are great for mechanics since they have smaller compartments for little, easy-to-lose parts like bolts, sockets, and ratchets. Overall, their toolboxes may be smaller than others, but they efficiently organize hundreds of tools and keep them safe and in place while you are driving.

Tips for Keeping Your Toolbox Drawers in Good Condition

Investing in a set of toolbox drawers for your service truck can be quite expensive. If you want to keep your toolbox in the best condition possible, there are a few tips that you might want to consider following. If you take good care of your toolbox drawers, they could easily last you more than a lifetime.

Pack the Drawers Tightly

Over time, as your tools slide around in your tool chest, they will start to dent and damage the drawers. If you allow this to happen for a long time, the drawers may become so damaged that they will not shut properly.

If you want your tools and other materials from sliding around within their drawers while you drive, you should pack the drawers as tightly as possible. If you do not store enough in your drawers to fill them all the way, you can secure your tools and other materials in their drawers by filling in the extra space with paper, foam, towels, or fabric scraps.

Secure Your Toolbox Drawers Inside the Vehicle’s Compartment

Also, if there is any space between your toolbox and the sides of the storage compartment that you keep it in, the motion of your vehicle will wear down the sides of the box. This motion can dent your toolbox and your truck, so ensuring that the drawer set fits in your car correctly will protect them both from excess damage.

To keep your toolbox from sliding around, banging its corners and sides on the walls of your vehicle’s compartment, secure it tightly. If there is a lot of space between the box and your storage compartment, you might want to fill in any gaps with fabric, wood, or foam. If you wish to protect the door of your truck’s storage compartment, you can glue foam or a layer of cloth to the interior.

Clean the Drawers Regularly

Chemicals, salt, and oil can weaken the metal in your toolbox drawers. To keep the metal shiny and durable, clean your cabinet often and wipe up any chemicals or water that you spill on it promptly. If you work in a profession that requires you to use chemicals such as bleach and salt regularly, you may want to put down a towel or liner in your drawers to protect the metal.

Keep the Toolbox Dry

Drying your toolbox is especially important if you have a steel set of toolbox drawers. Since water causes steel to rust, you should keep the metal as dry as possible at all times. Still, even aluminum is more likely to scratch when it is damp or wet, so you should do your best to keep uncontained water out of your drawers. If you need to, put towels down in the bottom of the drawers to protect the metal from humidity and moisture.

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Repaint Scratches, Chips, and Rust

Most toolbox drawer sets come with a pre-painted finish. This paint protects the metal from the weather and any chemicals that you might spill on it, but when the paint has chipped or scratched, the metal will be exposed to chemicals and humidity that could quickly cause more damage to the drawers.

If you see chipping, scratches, or rusty spots on the surface of your toolbox, you should touch up that spot with a coat of enamel paint or weather-proof spray paint. If you keep up with any damage that that paint finish may have, your toolbox will last much longer.


If you are in the market for new service truck storage solutions, you should consider getting a toolbox drawer set. These great organizational devices come in many different sizes and materials, making it easy to find the option that works best for you. A new set of drawers could last you a lifetime as long as you take care of it and get the right material and size for your personal needs.



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