Schedule a webinar in Microsoft Teams (2024)

Create a webinar and establish its dateand time, addco-organizers and presenters, and enter agenda items and notes for other presenters to review before the event.

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Add webinar co-organizers

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Change webinar details

Create a webinar

  1. In the Teams calendar, select the arrow next to New meeting and select Webinar.

    Schedule a webinar in Microsoft Teams (1)
  2. Enter the webinar details.

    Schedule a webinar in Microsoft Teams (2)
    1. On the New webinarpage,enter thetitle and date of the webinar, its start and end times, and a description. You can also add presenters and co-organizers to the event.

      Tip:Consider setting a later start time for attendees on the registration form to give yourself and presenters time to prepare together before the event begins.

    2. By default, the webinar will be Public, or opento anyone in and outside ofyour organization to register.You can change it from Publicto Your organization, which will make the event page and registration available only to people within your organization

    3. In the meeting notes section, you can add agenda items and notes, as well as assign pre-webinar tasks to presenters.This info is only shared with presenters.

      Note:Attendees won't see the details entered on this form.

  3. Select Save to move onto registration.

    Note:When you save the event, invites will be sent to attendees automatically.

Duplicate a webinar

Duplicate an existingwebinar to apply all its details and settings toa new webinar.You can duplicate past and upcoming webinars that are in your Teams calendar.

When you duplicate an existingwebinar, the new webinar will have the same:

To duplicate a webinar:

  1. In your Teams calendar, right-click the past or upcoming webinar you want to duplicate.

  2. Select Duplicate event Schedule a webinar in Microsoft Teams (3).

  3. Set the date and time of the new event and edit any event details you want to change.

  4. Select Save.

You can also duplicate a webinar by double-clicking it in your Teams calendar and selecting Duplicate event Schedule a webinar in Microsoft Teams (4)on the details page.

Add webinar co-organizers

Webinar co-organizers can help manage events by editing registration forms, customizing the event theme, and much more.Co-organizerscan modifythe event in many of the same ways an organizer can, except co-organizers can't change the webinar'sDetails section(date, time, etc.). Up to ten co-organizers and only those within your organization can be added.

To add a co-organizer to the webinar:

  1. Follow the steps above to create a webinar.

    1. If you've already created a webinar, open itfrom your Teams calendar and select Manage event.

  2. In theDetailssection, enter co-organizer names underCo-organizers.

  3. Select Save.

Add webinar presenters

To allow others to present content during the webinar, list them on the invite. Presenters don’t need to register. They'll join the webinar in the same way that they join a regular meeting.

To add presenters while creating awebinar:

  1. Follow the steps above to create a webinar.

    1. If you've already created a webinar, open itfrom your Teams calendar and select Manage event.

  2. In theDetails section, enter presenter names underPresenters from your org.

    Schedule a webinar in Microsoft Teams (5)
  3. Select Save.

Add external presenters

Easily add up to 20 external presenters to your webinar.External presenters are guests who arefederated, unfederated, or anonymous.When you add an external presenter, they'll receive a unique join link that'll allow them to enter the webinar without waiting in the lobby.

Note:Mobile join for external presenters isn't currently supported.

To add an external presenter:

  1. Go to your Teams Calendar.

  2. Select an upcoming webinar and select Manage event.

  3. Select Add external presenters.

    Schedule a webinar in Microsoft Teams (6)
  4. In External presenters, enter the email addresses of the external presenters you want to add.

  5. Select Save and send invites Schedule a webinar in Microsoft Teams (7).


  • External presenters don't need Microsoft accounts to join the event. They can join on Teams for desktop or Teams for web byselecting the unique join link in their email and entering their name on the pre-join screen.

  • Guest presenters will have to sign in with their guest accounts to join the meeting. Anonymous presenters won't need to sign in with a Microsoft account.

  • External presenters can bypass the lobby for both public and private events.

  • External presenters shouldn't forward their links. They're able to join using the same link on up to threedevices.

Regenerate or copy the external join link

To regenerate or copy the link that external presenters join with:

  1. Open a town hall in your Teams Calendar.

  2. In the town hall details, selectExternal presenters.

    Schedule a webinar in Microsoft Teams (8)
  3. SelectUnique join link.

  4. SelectCopyto copy the link to your clipboard orReloadto regenerate a new one.

Change webinar details

Once you've created and saved a webinar, it'll appear in your Teams calendar where you can manage its details.

To change webinar detailsafter creating the event:

  1. Go to your Teams calendar and select the webinar you want to edit.

  2. Select Manage event Schedule a webinar in Microsoft Teams (9).

  3. Change and add event details, presenters or co-organizers.

  4. SelectSave.


  • Users who are registered, pending registration, or waitlisted for the webinar will automatically receive an emaildetailing changes to the eventdate or time.

  • If your event is already published, the event pagewill automatically update to reflect saved changes.

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Schedule a webinar in Microsoft Teams (2024)
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