Register for a Webinar (2024)

What to do next: To best prepare for your upcoming session, we recommend you add the event to your calendar, run a system check to ensure compatibility, and download any needed software ahead of time. There will be links to do these tasks on the confirmation email. Should you need to contact the organizer for any reason, their contact information can be found in both the registration confirmation email and any reminder emails. When it's time for the session to start, select Join URL in your confirmation email.

Note: Please don't share this URL with anyone as it is unique to you. However, the same URL can be used to join all sessions in a webinar sequence should that be applicable to you. If you are registering for a series instead where you choose which ones you'll attend, then a new URL specific to each session will be provided with each session's confirmation email.

Register for a Webinar (2024)
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