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Clubs are an indelible aspect of modern culture’s nightlife, gathering places where people gather to dance and drink the night away. However, not all nightclubs are the same. While most of them serve the ordinary partygoer, a few offer extremely expensive meals, posh decor, and high-end entertainment options. Needless to say, such nightclubs are exclusively for people who can spend a crazy amount of money on a single night of partying. If you consider yourself a committed partygoer with money to burn, then you may find that partying at the clubs mentioned below isn’t an issue.

  1. Hakkasan – Las Vegas
    The Hakkasan is most likely the most expensive nightclub in the world. A bottle of wine or whiskey here might easily cost $100,000, and it is situated in the MGM Grand Hotel. A-list celebrities and other well-known people regularly visit Hakkasan. Alliance International Investments LLC, an Abu Dhabi-based investment firm, owns 100% of Hakkasan Group. Men usually pay between $30 and $75, while women usually pay between $20 and $50 to get inside the Hakkasan.

  1. La Fira Club – Barcelona
    During the party season, this club hosts a variety of fire acts, as implied by the name. Due to its diverse and extensive range of vintage wine and spirits, the bar is also popular with partygoers. Around 15 euros for entry, it includes a drink or two beers. Fira de Barcelona is a partnership between Barcelona City Council, the Catalan Government, and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce that combines public ownership with independent corporate administration.

  1. Cavalli – Dubai
    The Cavalli Club is located inside the Fairmont Hotel in Dubai. This is a very stylish nightclub named after the famous designer Roberto Cavalli. There is no charge to enter the Cavalli Club; however, you must reserve your Cavalli Dubai Table Booking ahead of time to ensure entry. Hussain Sajwani is the present owner of the Italian fashion group Roberto Cavalli.

  1. XS Club – Las Vegas
    The XS Club, another attraction from Sin City Las Vegas, features a large 13,000-square-foot dance floor and serves premium champagne and the costliest drinks. Every night, visitors to Las Vegas are known to flock to this pricey nightclub for a great night out. Wynn Resorts currently own this club. The cheapest tables at XS Las Vegas start at $1,000 and are usually found on the club’s patio. Tables in the main area start at $2,000.

  1. Halikarnas Club – Turkey
    In 2012, Halikarnas The Club re-emerged. Halikarnas has long been the center of attention, and the legend goes on as Halikarnas sets the standard for nightlife and entertainment in Bodrum, Turkey, and across the world. A ticket to attend the Halikarnas discotheque costs around 20 Euros, and it includes one drink. Suleyman Demir is the one who founded Halikarnas in 1979 and successfully converted the club into a globally recognized brand.

  1. Cocoon Club – Germany
    The DJ is positioned on a white pulpit on the vast main floor and dance floor, and the architecture is designed to resemble organic forms and shapes. A 250-square-meter lounge and a full-service restaurant are available for a more relaxed environment. Svan Vath, a well-known DJ, was one of the club’s owners, located in Frankfurt, Germany. Currently, the club is closed due to some reasons.

  1. LIV Club – Florida
    LIV Miami, owned by David Grutman, is 18,000-square-feet spread on Miami Beach that focuses on design and decor. Its layout provides partygoers with a unique perspective, allowing them to see the whole club from the highest points of its platforms. LIV is furnished with a Funktion One sound system and features more than fifty light installations and seven video screens to provide visual accompaniment to DJ sets and live events. General entry prices range from $30 to $80 depending on the DJ and the night.

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Most Expensive Clubs In The World And Their Owners - CEOWORLD magazine (2024)
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