Jain Marriage Biodata Samples For Men and Women (2024)

Jain Marriage Biodata Samples For Men and Women (1)

What’s unique about the Jain marriage biodata template?

Jainism is one of the oldest religions of the world. Like Hinduism, Jainism is a religion, a philosophy, and a way of life practised by millions of followers in India and around the world. According to Jainism, marriages are seen as an important social contract and not seen as a religious practice.

Mahavira, the last Thirthankara (Thirthankara refers to 24 enlightened beings), was practical in his approach to guiding his followers. He did not demand blind acceptance of the faith and placed emphasis on understanding before acceptance of the Jain way of life. Hence, finding partners for marriage (while expected to be limited to one’s immediate family) has now broadened to include different Jain sects (Svetambara, Digambara, Sthanakvasi, Terapanthi) and social backgrounds.

However, most traditional Jains prefer to include detailed descriptions of the immediate family members in the marriage biodata. This is more of a cultural practice dictated by geography as opposed to a religious requirement.

Our Jain biodata for marriage template

We hired an artist to create a Jain marriage biodata template. Our template provides a unique format that’s based on the cultural identity and symbolism associated with Jainism.

Jain Marriage Biodata Samples For Men and Women (2)

Jainism preaches non-violence, kindness and good actions and pure thoughts. Our Jain biodata format is in the form of an ancient scroll with a sacred script written on it.

The lotus icons are used to anchor key points in this biodata and symbolise patience and purity of mind, body and soul.

The text is printed in pink colour to evoke feelings of warmth and comfort. Title text in gold shows grandeur and prosperity.

The symbol of Mahavira captures the essence of Jainism which is disciplined nonviolence.

Biodata for marriage for a Jain girlJain Marriage Biodata Samples For Men and Women (3)

Jain Marriage Biodata Samples For Men and Women (4)About Myself – Copy & Use

I am a 5’5, dusky, slim and good looking person. I believe in the philosophy of “live and let live” and consider myself very spiritual. I believe marriage is not a doorway to happiness, but the right companion can definitely make the journey of life interesting. I love cooking traditional Jain dishes and consider myself a foodie. I have one brother who is married and lives in Anand, Gujarat. My parents are retired and I live with them at present.

Expectations – Copy & Use

I am looking for a teetotaler, vegetarian, professionally well settled Jain groom preferably in Mumbai. While I appreciate the daily routine, I am looking for someone who is not afraid of exploring new things and taking the unknown path once in a while. Someone who is spiritual and appreciates the values of our religion will be a good match for me. Prefer to marry someone who belongs to Gugalia, Bothra, or Gadiya gotras.

Jain marriage biodata sample for a boyJain Marriage Biodata Samples For Men and Women (5)

Jain Marriage Biodata Samples For Men and Women (6)About Myself – Copy & Use

I am a medium-built, handsome, Digambar Jain who is running a textile trading business in Guwahati, Assam. I am a commerce graduate consider myself as a straightforward, friendly and family oriented person. I come from a middle-class family. My father is a businessman and my mother is a homemaker. I have an elder brother and an elder sister two sisters who are both married.

I am a level-headed person who maintains a good sense of proportion and balance in life. I am not religious but I lead a fairly simple life and I am not greedy after money, status or power. I love simple home cooked meals and a keen observer of politics.

Expectations – Copy & Use

I am looking for a partner who is ambitious but not greedy and has the wits to tackle any situation that life can throw at us. Someone who understands and appreciates the Jain way of life and with an honest approach to life and relationships will be an ideal match for me. She can have a career of her own or join my business.

Comprehensive Jain Marriage Biodata Format for a girl

To accommodate more details, especially about the immediate and the extended family, we created a comprehensive Jain marriage biodata format.

This format, like the single-page template, borrows heavily on Jain symbols as well as Jain temple architectures with their intricate embellishments.

We used the Jain symbol of Ahimsa to prominently feature the profile photo.

The OM symbol is used to anchor key details in the biodata such as about myself, expectations and about my family.

Finally, we used the Swastika symbol as well in both the first and second pages.

Jain Marriage Biodata Samples For Men and Women (7)
Jain Marriage Biodata Samples For Men and Women (8)

In this sample, the profile is written from the perspective of a parent.

Jain Marriage Biodata Samples For Men and Women (9)About Myself – Copy & Use

My daughter is a well mannered, gentle and good looking young woman who is currently is studying to be an orthopaedic surgeon at SGITO, Bangalore. She completed his MBBS from MGM Medical College, Indore. She is cultured, respectful, and shares her opinions without any hidden agenda.

She loves playing basketball and was actively playing for her school and college teams. She also loves to cook traditional Jain food at home whenever she has the time.

Expectations – Copy & Use

We are looking to find a match from a Digamber Jain family of any caste. My daughter plans to start her professional medical practice in Bangalore and so we prefer to look for someone who is already settled in Bangalore or be willing to move to Bangalore after marriage.

The boy should be well educated and career oriented. We are a traditional family and the ideal match would be someone who understands and practices Jain traditions and is a teetotaller.

About My Family – Copy & Use

My daughter has two siblings.

My eldest son, Shashvat Jain is married and has a 5-year-old boy. He is working for IBM in Bangalore and his wife, Shika Jain works for TCS in Bangalore. My youngest son, Ravi Jain, is in high school and lives with us in Indore.

My wife is a homemaker and her family is based out of Mumbai. We value our traditions and do our best to follow religious customs.

I run a chain of hardware stores in Indore that was set up by my father, Late Shri Ravikanth Jain.

I have two brothers, Kumar Jain and Vishwas Jain, who are both based out of Pune. They are in the food packaging business. They have two sons each and are all married and well settled.

Even though our extended family members live in different cities, we are a close-knit family and make it a point to stick together through all the ups and downs of life.

We are not particular about horoscope match, but willing to share the horoscope of our daughter if required.

Home address and contact: F8, BRG Nirvana Arcade, Manglia Indore. Tel: 0731 2458876

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Note: The content for sample profiles is meant for personal use only and cannot be used for any commercial purpose or by any organisation that stands to profit from it directly or indirectly in any form. All template designs belong to Jodi Logik. They are meant to be used by customers of Jodi Logik and cannot be used for commercial purposes.

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Jain Marriage Biodata Samples For Men and Women (2024)
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