How to create a great webinar registration page (2024)

Have you ever asked yourself a question like “Why does no one want to come and join my webinar?”. Do you struggle with getting people interested in your webinars? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, we have some news for you.

A lot of the time when you’re advertising your webinar, you have a webinar registration page for people to complete. Now, that’s where it’s all at. In order for people to be willing to join your webinars, you must make it interesting for them from the very first second when they hear a word about your webinar..

A well structured and designed webinar registration page works like a business card for your business. It should be visually appealing, include the most significant info and shouldn’t put people off!

In this article, we share with you our top ways to create a great webinar registration page that people will want to look at and complete.

Prepare for a great read!

What is a webinar registration page?

Let’s start with some definitions first. What, in fact, is a webinar registration page and why should you have one?

A webinar registration page is a form that collects information from an individual who has registered for one of your upcoming webinars. It’s usually essential for people to complete such a page in order to attend an online webinar.

These forms often ask questions to help the speaker and attendees better understand the needs of the participants and to help to create a productive and effective session. Webinar registration pages can also often contain personal, valuable information, such as name, email, and phone number, as well as whether you are attending as an individual or an organization. Registration pages can be real repositories of knowledge, provided that you know how to design them well.

If you want to find out all the secrets, keep reading!

How to make your webinar registration page stand out? Top 7 ways

Some people may not register for your webinar because the registration page doesn't stand out, is faulty or very messy.

If you want to generate more registrations for your webinar, you will need to distinguish yourself from the competition and ultimately provide the best experience possible for your attendees.

Surprisingly enough, despite so many people failing to deliver an effective webinar registration page, making it correctly isn’t that complicated at all. All you need is some tips and you’re ready to start!

Customize your registration forms

Your number one priority when it comes to making effective registration pages is the aspect of customization. Registering for webinars can be challenging if you are not able to customize the registration page. To increase your webinar conversion rates, it is vital to provide a registration page that appeals to your audience. Creating a custom webinar registration page will help your prospects "grab" an understanding of your content and how it can benefit them. You have the ability to customize your webinar registration pages when you use a reliable webinar registration software provider, like LiveWebinar.

Since modern marketing means offering prospects personalized sales information, webinar registration pages that involve personalizing information from prospects are essentially those that bring most sales. In order to increase sales by making it easier for prospects to register for your webinar, offering more customization options on your webinar registration page is a great idea that will benefit you in many ways, so do keep this in mind!

Work on your value proposition in the description.

But simply having your content personalized isn’t going to do the job. As people search for what online seminar to attend, all they see are websites with different images of the speakers’ faces and detailed course curriculum. It's difficult to find the time to review all of this information at length to make an informed decision on which event to attend. They need an expert opinion to help them figure out which seminar is the best. With the right value proposition in place, with the speaker providing a 1-2 sentence explanation of why attendees should come to their seminar, your potential attendees will get much more confidence and trust to actually come and join your online event.

When you create your registration form, what you should do is include something that can act as an incentive to potential webinar attendees. You need that little something that will make them go ‘Wow, I really have to attend this webinar’. Make them see the bigger picture of why they should attend your webinar so they will feel like it’s worth their time.

Write about how they will benefit from attending your webinar and what you will be sharing during the webinar. They will automatically want to come to your webinar much more!

Work on your CTA.

Next on our list is the magic of Call To Action buttons. If you’re struggling to convert your webinar participants into customers, CTAs should be your best friends.

One way to make sure your prospects convert is to make it as easy as possible for them to register. During the webinar registration process, it's important to emphasize your call-to-action. A CTA provides a concentrated collection of information that allows attendees to quickly decide whether or not they want to invest in your webinar. Is there something that makes your product stand out among the competition? Make sure you mention it! Show the people the direction to a nice video of your products to share on social media, or maybe invite them to receive a free sample from you!

Strategies like this will further drive people’s interest and will make them want to participate in your online event as soon as possible.

Communicate clearly on the date and time of your webinar.

Another important aspect is keeping your potential audience informed in terms of the date, time and location of your webinar. A well-planned webinar should always include a date and time to make the event as informative as possible for customers. Keeping people informed about when to show up can help them take the necessary steps needed to attend your event - move their hairdresser appointment, catch the earlier bus home from work and so on. Always be clear about these things and try to stick to them! You don’t want to confuse people and suddenly change the date and time of your webinar, right?

On your registration form, make sure to display the necessary information clearly. Suggest adding the date and time to people’s calendars. If they do so, they will feel much more obliged and committed to participate.

Create and track the webinar registration form

If you're hosting a webinar and want to be sure that you fill the seats, you should track the performance of your webinar registration form. You should always be sure to track the performance of your webinar registration form to make sure you don't have empty seats left.

If you're not tracking the performance of your webinar registration form, you're missing out on valuable information. Your webinar may be free, but that doesn't mean that you can't profit from it. There are various ways that you can keep track of how many people register for your webinar, including weekly reports to measure the traffic generated by your form.

Integrate your email service to your registration page

Many people in the modern world don't like to go through the hassle of signing up for webinars in the first place. It's often not easy to find the time, and many people feel like they're too busy with work or other things in their life.

Integrating your email service to your webinar registration page is a powerful way to save customers a lot of time and help grow your mailing list without a ton of effort.

Online webinars can be complicated for participants who are unfamiliar with the process. As soon as they register, many might forget their password or need to change their confirmation email address. Simply sending confirmation emails makes it easier for people to participate. There are countless reasons why anyone who offers webinars should integrate their email service with their registration page. The better you make things for your participants, the less likely they are to procrastinate and the more likely they are to participate.

Make is easy to share it on social media platforms

Let’s not underestimate the power of social media when you design your webinar registration page. You want people to be aware of your webinar, right? So why make it difficult for them to find it on social media?

People are bombarded with notifications from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You want their attention for as long as possible, which means you want to make it as easy as possible for them to share your content. It's as simple as adding a ‘share’ button to your webinar registration page.

Many times people are considering taking an online course, for example, but claim to be too busy to do so. Making your webinar registration page easy to share on social media will allow you to reach more of your target audience who is looking for a quick way to learn something new.

Webinars - easier than ever

We’ve reached the end of this article!

Webinars are easier to make than ever before. All you need is some tips and you get a chance to really make unique content that will be engaging. With the help of free or very inexpensive options to cover all of the necessary bases, today webinars are being utilized by businesses, schools, charities, and more.

To sum it all up, in this article we focused on providing you with some advice on how to create a great webinar registration form. Try to remember all of these steps once you’re faced with the need to create one for your webinars.

With tools like LiveWebinar, fulfilling these steps will be like a little piece of cake for you. If you’d like to get to know more about the magic super powers of one of the best webinar platforms out there, LiveWebinar, make sure you check our website out! And if you enjoyed this short but insightful article, don’t hesitate to visit our blog section for similar publications!

We wish you good luck with your webinar registration page!

How to create a great webinar registration page (2024)


How to create a great webinar registration page? ›

A webinar landing page should contain a concise headline, the date and time of the webinar, a short description of the webinar, a list of the expert/guest speakers, and the signup form. The landing page should have engaging copy and visuals to make it more engaging and drive sign-ups.

What is the landing page of a webinar invitation? ›

A webinar landing page should contain a concise headline, the date and time of the webinar, a short description of the webinar, a list of the expert/guest speakers, and the signup form. The landing page should have engaging copy and visuals to make it more engaging and drive sign-ups.

What should be included in a webinar registration form? ›

Contact information: Your webinar registration form should ask for attendees' name and email address. This is the only must-have. You'll need this information to send webinar details, reminders, and follow-up communications.

How do I customize my Zoom webinar registration page? ›

Once the initial scheduling of the webinar is complete, a menu of tabs will appear at the bottom of the page.
  1. Under Invitations go to Registration Settings.
  2. Click edit on the right side.
  3. The Registration tab opens. ...
  4. Click the Questions tab. ...
  5. Click the Custom Questions tab.
Jan 9, 2024

What percentage of webinar registrants attend? ›

Typically, the attendance rate for webinars falls within the range of 30% to 50%. Additionally, it's noted that the average conversion rate for webinars hovers around 55%, according to Demand Sage. This means that if you invite 100 people to your webinar, you can expect anywhere from 30 to 50 people to attend.

How do I convert webinar attendees to customers? ›

10 Ways To Convert Your Webinar Attendees Into Interested Leads And Paying Customers
  1. Choose The Right Webinar Topics.
  2. Develop A Structured Presentation.
  3. Encourage Active Interaction.
  4. Involve Your Professional Sales Team In The Webinar.
  5. Send Thank-You Emails.
  6. Provide Access To Webinar Recordings And Resources.
Sep 13, 2023

How do I create a successful sales page? ›

To recap, this is how to create a sales page in a few steps:
  1. Define your goal.
  2. Understand the market.
  3. Research and select a sales page template.
  4. Create an impactful headline.
  5. Write customer-focused copy.
  6. Use trigger words.
  7. Use visuals.
  8. Set a clear CTA.
Nov 21, 2023

How do you write an amazing sales page? ›

  1. #1. Understand Your Target Audience.
  2. #2. Create a Value Proposition.
  3. #3. Determine the Length of Your Sales Page.
  4. #4. Write Interesting Headings and Subheadings.
  5. #5. Describe Your Product.
  6. #6. Minimize Distractions.
  7. #7. Include Multiple CTAs.
Jan 16, 2024

What is a webinar registration page? ›

A webinar registration page is a standalone landing page on your website. It's the first page that potential customers can visit to signup for your webinar. High-converting webinar landing pages are extremely useful for marketing and collecting contact information from potential customers.

What is a landing page examples? ›

A landing page is a webpage designed to persuade users to take one specific action. For example, having users sign up for a newsletter, purchase a product, or RSVP for an event. Users typically arrive at landing pages via a pay-per-click advertising campaign.

What is the difference between landing page and welcome page? ›

Here are 4 of the most common differences between a homepage and a landing page: Landing pages have no navigation — Homepages do. Landing page traffic comes from ads — Homepage traffic comes from many sources. Landing pages are separate from a business' website — Homepages are the front page of a business' website.

How do I create a registration page in Zoom? ›

Click Schedule a Meeting or edit an existing meeting by clicking on it. In the Registration section, make sure to select the Required check box. After scheduling the meeting, the Registration and Branding tabs will appear at the bottom of your meeting options, as you can see on the screenshot below.

How do I create a registration link for an event? ›

How to create an event registration form with Checkout Page
  1. Step 1: Create a new form. ...
  2. Step 2: Form with payment or without. ...
  3. Step 3: Unique event page vs embed on your website. ...
  4. Step 4: Add event images and details. ...
  5. Step 5: Add form fields. ...
  6. Step 6: Add ticket types and tiers (paid events only)
Apr 11, 2024

How do I create an e certificate for a webinar? ›

5 steps to create a webinar certificate
  1. Log in to your free Certifier account.
  2. Create a list of webinar attendees in a CSV file.
  3. Choose a certificate template or create your own design.
  4. Select text fields and place them on your certificate.
  5. Choose dynamic attributes that will help you personalize your certificate.

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