How to Answer: Why Are You a Good Fit for This Position? | Teal (2024)

The main goal of a job interview is to find the right candidate for the position. So before your interview, you want to prepare an answer to the interview question,why are you a good fit for the position?Below, we will help you show the company that you are the best person for the job.

Interview questions and answers can make any candidate feel stressed, especially if they have been out of the workforce for a while. But putting some time and effort into preparation will help get you back to work in no time. Regardless of your situation for interviewing, your answers should be strong, emphasize skills, and cover as much information about you and your career goals as possible.

Review your experience and skills

Before any job interview, you'll want to practice answeringcommonly asked interview questions.Why you are the best person for the job, orwhy you should be in this positionare examples of interview questions you should always be prepared to answer. This question is slightly more specific than"Why are you applying for this position?".

You should study the job description and details of the job posting. Then think about your past experiences and the work you have done.

When it comes to landing the job, you want to show the company that you are the PERFECT fit for the role during the interview process. To do this, we recommend highlighting the skills and experience you have that match the job requirements of the job description. Teal'sJob Application Tracker & AIResume Builder help extract the top keywords so you can quickly customize your resume and land the interview.

Bookmark a job with Teal's free Job Tracker and you'll see the keywords and skills highlighted automatically. Quickly review the most common keywords and make sure to tailor your interview answers accordingly.

As you plan out your answer, ask yourself these questions:

  • What have you done that makes you an ideal candidate for the job?
  • Do your years of experience in previous roles match what the job posting is looking for?
  • Are your qualifications in line with the job responsibilities listed in the job description?
  • Do you have the right level of education?
  • Do your skills (unique skills, technical skills, soft skills, etc.) match the requirements of the job?

Related:Here are some excellent resume examples that do a great job of addressing each of the above questions. Feel free to work off any of these to help position yourself for the role you're after.

As you conduct your job search, ask yourself these questions. If you answered yes to most of the questions above, it makes sense that you are applying to the job listing. Now you can consider your skill set and the job description to formulate your answer.

Use Teal’s Skills Database in the free Skills Workbook to identify your current skills and potential skills that you want to acquire. Once you've identified those, enter them into Teal’s Skills Identifier.

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Each company might ask the question in their own way, so take time with your answers. You want to make sure you provide as much information as possible to prove you are the best person for the open job opportunity.

Do research on the company and the people you are interviewing with. The more you find out about them and the company, the stronger your response will be. Think of ways to include things you learned about the business, or organization, like the company's mission, company's values, or the company's vision, into your answer.

You want the hiring manager to see your enthusiasm and excitement about the opportunity to work at their company. By demonstrating you took the time to prepare for your interview, you are showing the interviewer you are genuinely interested and dedicated to advancing your career.

You can keep track of the research you conduct in Teal's Job Application Tracker. Tips and guidance are offered of where and how to conduct research. You can also log the research completed on any contacts you have made at the company.

Sample answers

Example 1: Highlight your relevant work experience.

I'm a great match for this role because I've successfully completed these responsibilities at my previous job. For example, I most recently led a 10-person sales team. We had a strong sales record and successfully hit sales targets every quarter. I know that I'll use this past experience to be successful in my new role.

Example 2: Highlight your industry expertise.

I'm the best person for this job because my industry knowledge is unmatched. I hold the latest cybersecurity certifications. In addition to my education, Iam personally passionate about keeping people's information safe online. This passion and expertise makes me a great fit for this position.

Example 3: Focus on how you can help the company.

I am an ideal job candidate for this role because my leadership skills have a successful track record. In past roles, I've effectively managed teams, leading to increased productivity by 35% over the course of four months. Because my values align with the company culture, I am dedicated to the success of the business.

Example 4: Prove you can be successful in any work environment.

I am a good candidate for this position, as I have experience working in different work environments of varying team and company sizes, often in a fast paced environment. My excellent communication skills allow me to create working relationships based on trust and mutual respect. I possess relevant experience, a strong work ethic, and the hard and soft skills required to carry out the company mission.

Example 5: Keep your answer concise.

My background from my last job in a customer service position is precisely what makes me an ideal candidate for this position. When problem solving difficult situations involving conflict, I approach the situation with empathy, active listening, and open communication to achieve a desired outcome.

Key phrases to use

Here are some phrases to help you put your answer to this question together.

  • My years of experience have prepared me for the role.
  • I have experience in leadership.
  • I understand what is needed to keep the customer happy.
  • Based on my background, I am confident that I would mesh well with the other employees.
  • I am an expert in this field and would bring a new perspective to the team.

After making a few points on theskills and qualities the company is looking for, try to show you would fit in with the company's culture. Explain how you have worked with other people and have handled difficult colleagues and clients.

The goal is to help the interviewer imagine what type of employee you would be. Think of things you have done in previous jobs that really show your personality.

  • Emphasize a skill you will need to have for the role
  • Talk about something you love to do that would fit in with the company
  • Give an example of an award or accolade you received from a previous employer

Practice your response

Since this question is one of the most common interview questions asked, it's important to have a strong answer. It's essential that the hiring manager leaves the interview thinking you are the best candidate for the position, so take the necessary time to organize your answer so that you can include as many details as possible.

Once you start putting your answer together, run it by a friend or mentor. Many candidates don't put in enough time practicing before interviewing. While you never know exactly what questions you will be asked in interviews, questions like this are a safe bet.

If you come across as unprepared and just rambling on, it may look like you aren't interested in the position. Employers are looking for someone who understands the job search process and what it takes to be prepared.

Within Teal's Job Application Tracker are tips and resources to help you practice interviewing.

Remember to focus your answers on details the interviewer wouldn't see on your resume. Every question you answer should provide context to your resume and application. Just be sure to make it clear that your experience and past work make you a top candidate for the position.

Within Teal's Job Application Tracker is a super helpful “Notes” tool to track and update your interview questions and answers for each saved job. It pulls up next to the job description, making it easy to pull all the necessary keywords. Make any edits and additions you need, and your changes will be saved automatically.

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it count.Be fully prepared for all of your interviewsand you'll be much more likely to get hired. And remember — youarea great match for the role.Don't let impostor syndrome get in the wayof your job search.

Remember to follow up with each person you spoke with bysending a thank you email after the interview. After presenting your best self in the interview, stand out in their inbox, too.

Located within Teal's Job Application Tracker are templates to use as a starting point when crafting a follow up email following an interview.

How to Answer: Why Are You a Good Fit for This Position? | Teal (2024)


How to Answer: Why Are You a Good Fit for This Position? | Teal? ›

After making a few points on the skills and qualities the company is looking for, try to show you would fit in with the company's culture. Explain how you have worked with other people and have handled difficult colleagues and clients. The goal is to help the interviewer imagine what type of employee you would be.

What makes you a good fit for this job answer? ›

After making a few points on the skills and qualities the company is looking for, try to show you would fit in with the company's culture. Explain how you have worked with other people and have handled difficult colleagues and clients. The goal is to help the interviewer imagine what type of employee you would be.

Why do you consider yourself suitable for this position? ›

“I should be hired for this role because of my relevant skills, experience, and passion for the industry. I've researched the company and can add value to its growth. My positive attitude, work ethics, and long-term goals align with the job requirements, making me a committed and valuable asset to the company.”

Why are you applying for the position best answer? ›

'I see the role as a way of developing my career in a forward-thinking/well-established company/industry as…' 'I feel I will succeed in the role because I have experience in/softs skills that demonstrate/ I've taken this course…' 'I believe my skills are well-suited to this job because…”

Why do you think you are suitable for this role? ›

Briefly outline your relevant skills and experience

Even if you haven't had any direct experience, you can still highlight any transferable skills that relate to the role. Turn your answer into a positive one by making it clear that you want the job to gain experience in the area.

What interests you in this position? ›

Be specific about the skills you have that make you a great fit for the role. Pick specific skill-related keywords from the job description and use them in your answer. Try to find overlaps between the job requirements and your previous work experience to highlight that you have done similar work before.

What is your biggest strength and why? ›

Sample Answer

“My greatest strength is my ability to excel in highly pressurized situations. I have found creative ways to keep calm when working under pressure, for example, organizing my work more efficiently and getting the MOST important work done during the times I am MOST productive.

What should I put for strengths and weaknesses? ›

Why employers ask "What are your strengths and weaknesses?"
Attentive and detail-orientedCompetitive
CollaborativeLimited experience in a nonessential task
CreativeNot skilled at delegating tasks
5 more rows
Apr 9, 2024

What does it mean to be a good fit for a job? ›

Being a good fit for a job means, of course, having the ability and experience to carry out the job duties, but it also means having the right combination of soft skills, character traits, and career goals that align with the mission and values of the organization and fits in well within the existing company culture.

How do you answer what you can contribute to the company? ›

How to Answer “What Can You Contribute?”
  1. Research the Company. Delve into the company's mission, values, culture, and recent accomplishments. ...
  2. Scrutinize the Job Description. ...
  3. Showcase Your Strengths. ...
  4. Quantify Your Impact. ...
  5. Link to Company Objectives.
Oct 21, 2023

What is your strength best answer interview? ›

Good time-management skills. Strong work ethic and determination to succeed. Creativity and innovative thinking. Good communication skills and ability to work in teams.

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