Foundations of Project Management All Weekly Challenge Quiz Answers | Google (2023)

Weekly Challenge 1


Question 1)

As someone seeking a project management role, you occasionally meet people in a professional setting to share knowledge and create new business connections. This is an example of what strategy to get a job ?

  • Attend local or online networking events

Question 2)

Fill in the blank: According to a 2017 Project Management Institute study, industries like manufacturing, construction, information technology, publishing, finance, and oil and gas are experiencing _____ with project management jobs.

  • the most amount of growth compared to other industries

Question 3)

Fill in the blank: A/An _____ allows you to work for a company on a project-by-project basis but not as a full-time employee.

  • contract

Question 4)

Once the project is underway, project managers help manage tasks for the team members and communicate key milestones to stakeholders. What is this project management responsibility called?

  • Managing tasks

Question 5)

Fill in the blank: Project management is _____.

  • the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to meet the project requirements and achieve the desired outcome

Question 6)

What does it take for a project manager to ensure a project stays on-track and on-budget? Select all that apply.

  • Collaboration
  • Careful planning

Question 7)

Which of the following explains how a project manager best accomplishes their responsibilities? Select all that apply.

  • Knows what the project team needs to accomplish and when
  • Helps the team get what they need to keep the project going
  • Communicates key project milestones to stay on task

Question 8)

Fill in the blank: A project is a temporary pursuit, and usually includes a set of _____.

  • unique deliverables

Question 9)

Which of the following tasks or roles could one use to demonstrate project management experience during a job interview? Select all that apply.

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  • Managing a retail store’s inventory changes
  • Planning a surprise party
  • Organizing a big move

Question 10)

Fill in the blank: There are _____ job titles a project manager can have.

  • many and varied

Weekly Challenge 2

Question 1)
Suppose that as a project manager, you assign tasks to the team members who can best complete them. What project management value does this represent?

  • Delegation

Question 2)
As a project manager, you create plans, timelines, schedules, and other forms of documentation to track project completion. Which project management responsibility does this represent?

  • Planning and organizing

Question 3)
As a project manager on a product team, your stakeholders ask you to help the marketing team come up with a strategy to attract customers. What project management responsibility does this represent?

  • Collaborate with other teams at the organization.

Question 4)
How can a project manager better communicate and clarify goals for a cross-functional team?

  • Define key items and encourage team members to ask questions.

Question 5)
You’re a project manager on a team improving a product. How can you make sure the project stays on schedule?

  • Track daily product improvement tasks of team members in a spreadsheet.

Question 6)
A project manager forgets to assess how national holidays and team member vacations will affect the project’s completion date. Now, because of team member time off, the project delivery will be two weeks late. What flexible planning strategy could the project manager have used to avoid the delay?

  • Assessing external constraints

Question 7)
Suppose you have two teammates who disagree on the best way to complete a task. Which interpersonal skill can you use to help them resolve their disagreement?

  • Conflict mediation

Question 8)
As a project manager impacting an organization, you want to effectively manage the project. Which of the following would a project manager do to effectively manage the project? Select all that apply.

  • Frequently communicate the larger project goal to the team.
  • Understand the impact of each process within the project.

Question 9)
Fill in the blank: In project management, a _____ is a person or an organization that defines the project requirements. They also may set important guidelines, such as the budget and deadlines.

  • customer

Question 10)
As a project manager, how can you protect the team from changes to the project? Select all that apply.

  • Document initial expectations of the project.
  • Clearly identify any project changes.
  • Let the stakeholders know how changes impact the budget and schedule.

Question 11)
Which of the following is necessary to be an effective project manager?

  • You must trust team members on the technical aspects of a project.

Weekly Challenge 3


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Question 1)

Which term refers to the process of initiating a project, making a plan, executing and completing tasks, and closing a project?

  • Project life cycle

Question 2)

Why should project managers always initiate a project (phase one) before making a plan (phase two)?

  • Because determining scope, cost, and timeline is crucial to creating a budget, setting a schedule, and determining roles and responsibilities

Question 3)

What is the term for a set of guiding principles and processes for owning a project through its life cycle?

  • Project management methodology

Question 4)

Which answer best describes the Waterfall project management methodology?

  • Created in the seventies, the Waterfall methodology refers to the sequential ordering of phases, including initiating, planning, executing, and closing.

Question 5)

As a project manager, your team is launching a new product. Each step to launch the product includes clearly defined tasks. A task won’t begin until another task ends. Also, once the project starts, any changes to the product will be expensive. Which project management methodology is best for this project?

  • Waterfall methodology

Question 6)

Which project management approach includes the following phases: define, measure, analyze, improve, control.

  • Lean Six Sigma methodology

Question 7)

Which of the following are project manager responsibilities during the initiation phase? Select all that apply.

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  • Get project approval
  • Determine resources needed
  • Define project goals

Question 8)

Which of the following are project manager responsibilities during the execution phase? Select all that apply.

  • Handle communication for the team
  • Make adjustments to the schedule, budget, and resources
  • Manage the project’s progress

Question 9)

In which project plan phase does the project manager celebrate successes and release the team to support other projects within the company?

  • Close the project

Question 10)

Which project management approach uses the 5S quality tool and implements a Kanban scheduling system to manage production?

  • Lean

Weekly Challenge 4


Question 1)

Which of the following best describes organizational structure?

  • How members of the organization relate to and interact with one another

Question 2)

Which answer best describes a Matrix organizational structure?

  • It involves reporting to stakeholders across teams in addition to direct managers.
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Question 3)

As a project manager, you believe limited access to the necessary people and equipment could cause the project to go past deadline. Which organizational topic could you discuss with your key stakeholder to get the project back on track?

  • Resource availability

Question 4)

Define organizational culture.

  • A company’s shared values, mission, and history

Question 5)

Why should project managers learn about organizational culture? Select all that apply.

  • So they can communicate more effectively with teams
  • So they can manage change effectively
  • So they can demonstrate how a project supports the company’s mission and values

Question 6)

As a project manager, your team created a more efficient reporting dashboard. Now, you’re trying to get the organization to accept and adopt the new dashboard. What organizational process does this situation represent?

  • Change management

Question 7)

What questions can project managers ask themselves in order to help manage change effectively? Select all that apply.

  • Which influencers in the organization can affect the change?
  • How will the organization react to change?
  • What are the best means of communication to convey the change?

Question 8)

Fill in the blank: A project manager becomes a _____ at a company—someone who helps an organization transform by focusing on organizational effectiveness.

  • change agent

Question 9)

As a project manager, you want to integrate change management into your project. You do this by establishing a change management process early in the project. You also adopt portions of the company’s change management plan so that it aligns with your project. These actions represent which change management best practice?

  • Follow a consistent process

Question 10)

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In business, what is the management framework within which decisions are made and accountability is determined?


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