eSaleRugs Review for July 2024 | Best Rug Stores (2024)

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Wednesday, July 10th

2024 Rug Store Reviews

eSaleRugs Review for July 2024 | Best Rug Stores (1)eSaleRugs Review for July 2024 | Best Rug Stores (2)


eSaleRugs Review for July 2024 | Best Rug Stores (3)

  • 8,000+ rugs in stock
  • In business for almost 50 years
  • Rewards program with 5% store credit on every purchase
  • 30-day returns, retailer pays the return postage

eSaleRugs is a family business that has nearly 50 years of experience in selling floor coverings. Based in Fort Mill, South Carolina, this rug store ships all orders within 24-48 hours from your purchase date.

Good selection of high-end rugs

The selection here really runs the gamut. On the high end, we found a half-dozen rugs priced between $50,000 and $94,000. The 20' x 12'10" Isfahan Rug was the most expensive floor covering offered by eSaleRugs, with a retail value of over $400,000 and a final price of "just" $93,950. You might have already guessed that this is a semi-antique rug, in Extra Fine condition, 800 KPSI and hand-knotted. There were plenty of images available too. Can't quite fork over that much cash in one go? eSaleRugs partners with Shop Pay, which allows you to make four interest-free installments... but that's only for orders between $50 and $3,000, sorry.

Numerous budget-friendly choices too

Among the 8,000+ rugs sold here, you'll find plenty of options across the rest of the price spectrum too. Just need a basic shag rug? Those start at $9. A little 2'x3' rug to put under a small table? The price is right at $16. The easiest way to get to the rugs that fit what you've got pictured is by using the dropdowns at the top of the site: shop by color or size, style, room/outdoor, and so on.

Great variety of tools to help you shop

eSaleRugs doesn't skimp on the product information. From plenty of photos taken from multiple angles to a great "see rug on your floor" tool, you should have no unanswered questions about the size, origin and colors in the rugs you like. And, because eSaleRugs has had so many customers over the years, you'll almost always find reviews. For example, one of their most popular designs is the Kashan: there were over 1,200 reviews and a 4.8-star average rating, including shopper-uploaded photos of how the different sizes and available colors looked in their homes.

Rewards program

If you expect to buy rugs on the regular, you should join eSaleRugs' complimentary rewards program. You'll get 5% in store credit on every purchase, a 20% discount every time you refer friends and family who wind up making a purchase, and a $5 reward just for signing up.

eSaleRugs Review for July 2024 | Best Rug Stores (4)

Customer-friendly returns

Another perk of shopping at eSaleRugs is their no-hassle return policy. You've got the industry-standard 30 days from the date you receive your order to send it back, and you can start the return process right on the website. There are no restocking fees, and eSaleRugs will even cover the cost of the return postage.

Lower grade from the BBB

We weren't happy to see that eSaleRugs' rating with the Better Business Bureau had taken a pretty significant drop since our last review, going from a flawless "A+" to a not-so-impressive "B" . But, the BBB says it's because of 200 complaints filed against the retailer - only 18 in the year leading up to this evaluation. That's really not very many (we've seen eSaleRugs' rivals with far more than that), and each complaint we saw on the BBB site had a courteous, appropriate response from eSaleRugs' representatives. In short, don't put too much stock in this grade change at the BBB.

Customer feedback on the decline too

However, recent customer feedback isn't as positive as we'd like to see either. In one place we looked, though 70% of eSaleRugs' shoppers gave the store a 5-star rating, over 20% rated it as "bad" with just one star. Some people described receiving rugs that looked used, while others got poor-quality floor coverings that started to unravel after just a month of use. That's definitely not what we expected from what used to be our first-place retailer of rugs.

Still good enough but not in first place anymore

eSaleRugs still comes in at a solid 3.5-star rating. There's a lot to choose from, and we like some of the customer-friendly perks here that many of their rivals fail to offer. We hope to see their reputation with the BBB (and in customer ratings elsewhere) bounce back in the future, bringing this rug store back to the higher ranking it enjoyed in the past.

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Where Can You Buy the Best Rugs?

In an age where so much of our shopping is online, you might think it would be the most convenient to buy them online. You'd be right! There's absolutely no need to drive all over town looking for the perfect floor covering for your home office, bedroom, or any other space, because all of the tools are literally in your hands.

How do online rug stores help you get the right rug for your decor? Naturally, you'll need to start by taking accurate measurements of the area you're considering. Once you've got that taken care of, the fun starts. Most online rug stores let you shop specifically by the size and then filter by any other criteria you have: color, pattern, natural vs. synthetic, and so on.

Continue reading below

eSaleRugs Review for July 2024 | Best Rug Stores (27) eSaleRugs Review for July 2024 | Best Rug Stores (28) eSaleRugs Review for July 2024 | Best Rug Stores (29) eSaleRugs Review for July 2024 | Best Rug Stores (30) eSaleRugs Review for July 2024 | Best Rug Stores (31)

Rug Store FAQ

I need a rug! Where should I start?

Great question! Start by measuring the area you'd like to cover. Next, determine what patterns or colors you're looking for: are you making a bold statement or trying to quietly complement the rest of your decor? Finally, decide on your budget! From there, you can use the filtering options on most rug websites to narrow down the possibilities and find your perfect match.

Why should I buy a rug online?

Buying your rug online puts the world's best selection at your fingertips. Inventory at local stores can be extremely limited, so use the internet to get exactly what you want - probably at the best price! You can also get plenty of helpful information to guide your decision-making, like the differences between handmade and machine-made rugs or Oriental and Persian rugs, how to clean a rug, and so on.

What if my rug is delivered and I don't like it?

You might be nervous about buying your next rug online, sight unseen. Don't be! You'll find ample descriptions on most retailers' websites to help you picture exactly what you're getting. But, if your rug is delivered and it's just not what you were expecting, most stores have a return policy of at least 30 days. Just be aware that you may have to pay a restocking fee and/or return shipping costs, depending on the retailer.

How much will I pay for delivery?

How does "$0" sound? The vast majority of online rug stores offer free shipping within the lower 48 United States (and a small number extend that to Alaska and Hawaii as well!).

My rug got a snag! How do I fix it?

Whatever you do, don't pull on the thread/fiber! Clip it at the source instead.

How long will my rug last?

The longevity of any rug depends on several factors: how well it's made and what it's made of, how much traffic the area gets (e.g. pets, people, furniture), and where it's placed. The highest-quality rugs can last long enough to become a family heirloom, with the proper care.

Do I need a rug pad?

It's not strictly necessary, but it's a good idea. Using a rug pad will protect the flooring underneath, add extra cushioning, and also offer better traction so that your rug doesn't slip around on the floor.

How do I clean my rug?

Regular upkeep includes vacuuming once a week to remove any dirt and dust, assuming you have the type of rug that can be vacuumed at all! Smaller rugs can be taken outside and shaken. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for your rug, which may include a professional cleaning every few years.

eSaleRugs Review for July 2024 | Best Rug Stores (32)

Continued from above...

Some of the best rug stores really go the extra mile to help you make your purchase. How about a tool that lets you upload a photo of the room you've got in mind and see exactly what any given rug will look like in that space? Amazing, right? Pantone color codes for comparison, rug specialists available via live chat or toll-free number, and customer reviews complete with photos of how the rugs look in real life are just a few of the ways you'll be guided towards some fantastic options.

A few online rug stores focus solely on Persian and Oriental rugs, many of which are several decades old. Can you imagine the history behind a floor covering like that? Often sourced from estates (or even palaces), these rugs have a look and feel that is completely different from synthetic, mass-produced floor coverings - and sometimes with a correspondingly-high price tag!

Believe it or not, these one-of-a-kind rugs and their machine-crafted counterparts almost always have a 30-day return policy in case you change your mind or it just doesn't look quite right when you get it in place. Just watch out for the store's policy on return postage: some will cover it for you, but others make it your responsibility (which, as you'd expect, can be quite spendy for a larger rug).

Some retailers have thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of rugs to choose from. Overwhelmed yet? Before jumping in and trying to pick a good online rug store, you should keep these criteria in mind for a smoother shopping experience:

  • Selection. Make sure the store has the kind of rug you want. There's no need to spend time poring over the inventory at a Persian rug specialty retailer if you're just looking for an outdoor rug for the patio. The more rugs a store has, the more likely it is that you'll find several options that would work.
  • Shopping Tools. How does the store help you find what you need? Is it intuitive to use for narrowing down the options? Can you see how the rug would look in your home? With good tools, you minimize the chances of getting something you have to send back.
  • Return Policy. Speaking of sending things back, does the rug store let you make a return? What are the terms, and who's responsible for the shipping costs back to the warehouse?
  • Reputation. Have other shoppers had a good experience with the retailer? Some signs to look for are a positive rating ("A" or "A+" ) from the Better Business Bureau, equally high ratings from customers (both on individual products and about the store itself), and happy reviews from clients who have bought rugs there more than once. has evaluated and rated the best online rug stores available today. We're sure this information will help you find the right covering for any floor space, big or small!

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eSaleRugs Review for July 2024 | Best Rug Stores (2024)
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