EasyWebinar Vs WebinarJam & EverWebinar: Combined Comparison (2024)

EasyWebinar Vs WebinarJam & EverWebinar: Combined Comparison (1)


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EasyWebinar Vs WebinarJam & EverWebinar: Combined Comparison (2)VS.EasyWebinar Vs WebinarJam & EverWebinar: Combined Comparison (3)

EverWebinar + WebinarJam simply does not make it easy to scale your business. EasyWebinar makes it easy for you to build better relationships and more sales through live, automated, and power webinars.

And our evergreen features don’t stop at registration. EasyWebinar offers evergreen based replay pages so you can fully customize your replay page and even set a countdown timer and expiration based on when someone watches the webinar in their specific time zone. So much power and still so easy to use. With our world-class customer support team on standby, nothing gets in your way of success!

Side By Side Comparison

At EasyWebinar, we’re all about equipping you with all the tools you need to grow a successful business - and then some. One platform, free trials, multiple hosts, and in-depth analytics are just the beginning. Complete customization, personalization, and robust integrations give EasyWebinar the edge.

FeaturesEasyWebinar Vs WebinarJam & EverWebinar: Combined Comparison (4)
Immediate Full Access Free Trialdone
Live webinars with seamless control between team members in base packagesdone
Live Webinarsdonedone
HD Video Live Streamingdonedone
Stream in your attendees local time zonedonedone
Base package allows up to 100 attendees for Live Webinarsdonedone
Integrate special offer links directly into your webinar at designated timesdonedone
Ability to scale to unlimited attendees with social media integrationsdone
Simulcast your webinar in YouTube & Facebook Livedone
Live and Automated Webinars in base packagedone
Immediately convert Live Webinars to Automated Webinars with 9 different scheduling optionsdone
Custom automation options for ongoing funnel touchpointsdone
“Right On Time” Events that automatically streams at the next 15 minute intervaldonedone
Customizable countdown pagedonedone
Replay pages with scarcity timer and custom expirationdone
Robust and actionable insightsdone
UTM Parameter Lead Tracking Capabilitiesdone
Complete control over the design via CSS at all package levelsdone
Compatible with Email Marketing Programsdonedone
Compatible with Sales Programsdonedone
Compatible with Business Programsdonedone
Zapier Integrationsdonedone

At EasyWebinar, we understand that picking a webinar platform for your business is a big decision and not one you should take lightly. When picking a webinar platform, you want to make sure to choose one that is easy to use, powerful, has all the features you need, and doesn’t make you jump through hoops to stay in your zone of genius! Enter the EasyWebinar vs EverWebinar + WebinarJam comparison. Unlike EasyWebinar, it takes the combination of both EverWebinar and WebinarJam to host live and evergreen webinars. Take a look at what these platforms have to offer to determine which is right for you.

One Platform For All Your Needs

The biggest differentiator between EverWebinar + WebinarJam is obvious from the get-go. With EasyWebinar you get one platform for all your webinar needs. Seamlessly toggle between live and automated webinars at the flip of a switch at any time. With our competitor, you can host automated webinars on EverWebinar and live webinars on WebinarJam. That’s 2 platforms with 2 subscriptions.

EasyWebinar Vs WebinarJam & EverWebinar: Combined Comparison (5)

EasyWebinar Vs WebinarJam & EverWebinar: Combined Comparison (6)

Free Trial

Neither EverWebinar nor WebinarJam offers a free trial upfront. Instead, right as you are about to click off of their pricing page a popup offer appears offering a 14-day trial for $1. If you were quick to act and sign up for a plan, you’d never know there was an opportunity to try the platform for a small fee.

At EasyWebinar, we’re focused on making the webinar experience EASY! Right from the start we remove any barriers between you and getting started with a free 14-day trial. With just 3 clicks you can be on your way to setting up your first event or even going live.

All Hands On Deck for Hosts And Moderators

Running a live webinar can often require support (especially if you have hundreds of thousands of attendees). WebinarJam gives you the capability for your support team to moderate questions, publish polls, and push special offers all while you focus on the presentation. The kicker? You only get access if you subscribe to their highest, Enterprise level package.

With EasyWebinar, we offer seamless integration between multiple hosts, presenters, and moderators with our lowest, basic subscription. Not only are multiple hosts included with each package, but you also have the option to switch roles seamlessly while in the middle of a live webinar (you can even choose an attendee to present live on the spot). Pretty easy, right?

EasyWebinar Vs WebinarJam & EverWebinar: Combined Comparison (7)

EasyWebinar Vs WebinarJam & EverWebinar: Combined Comparison (8)

Lead Tracking

Understanding who showed up for a webinar, how long they stayed, if they clicked an offer, and how to engage your audience further is crucial for scaling your business. EverWebinar + WebinarJam does provide some analytics, but the level of detail EasyWebinar provides through our comprehensive dashboard, gives you the exact insights you need to hone your message, follow up, advance your pipeline, and ultimately make more sales.

Additionally, unlike EverWebinar + WebinarJam, EasyWebinar allows for easy integration with Google Analytics and the use of UTM Parameter tracking. Add the custom code to any url or button and dive deep into the actions your leads are taking and the overall user experience (huge for a scaling business). Whie EverWebinar + WebinarJam allow for some tracking, they do now allow for UTM Parameters to be added to any and every link you generate for your webinar.


In the EasyWebinar vs. EverWebinar + WebinarJam debate, the winner is a no brainer decision - EasyWebinar.

EverWebinar + WebinarJam is a huge competitor for us and it’s not without merit. But, who wants to pay 2 subscription fees to build one comprehensive sales funnel? At the end of the day, it’s clear that EasyWebinar offers a more robust overall experience with tools available for all stages of business and purposefully designed to help you grow! With more features, more integrations, and more automation options, EasyWebinar empowers you to create more sales and build better relationships.

EasyWebinar Vs WebinarJam & EverWebinar: Combined Comparison (9)

Finally, costs associated with each platform is a consideration. At EasyWebinar, our Free Trial allows you to experience all the features and benefits of our program and our base package includes both Live and Automated Webinars. In comparing our most popular Pro package, EverWebinar + WebinarJam costs more per year and offers far fewer features. When you compare apples to apples function, and features, EasyWebinar is by far the best value.

Choose EasyWebinar and grow your business with a partner who can support you at every stage.

  • EasyWebinar Vs WebinarJam & EverWebinar: Combined Comparison (10)

    Stealth Seminar

    EasyWebinar has many more API integrations with your favorite autoresponders and CRMs.

  • EasyWebinar Vs WebinarJam & EverWebinar: Combined Comparison (11)


    WebinarNinja is similar to Demio in the regard that their Automated/Evergreen doesn’t exactly mean evergreen.



“I personally use EasyWebinar and they are the best. I moved from using other platforms and nothing compares to their reliability and customer support!”

EasyWebinar Vs WebinarJam & EverWebinar: Combined Comparison (12)

Amy Porterfield Online Marketing Expert

EasyWebinar Vs WebinarJam & EverWebinar: Combined Comparison (2024)
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