8 Amazing Places to Explore in Chennai at Night - Nightlife in chennai (2024)

Popular as the Southern welcoming door of the subcontinent of India, Chennai is more than just a city. It is more of an experience, which eventually grows on you. Although the city feels and looks provincial despite being one of the popular Metro cities in the country, the rich vibrant culture and traditional history have made Chennai a prime location on the globe. Visited by numerous tourists all year round, the city isn’t just ordinary and offers several unique activities including nightlife in Chennai, to pursue during the visit. Along with the growth of the manufacturing and IT industries, the distinctive tradition of Chennai has been aptly preserved. A quick interaction with the locals lets you bask in the warmth of the manic Tamil movie lovers.

Enjoy the vibrant nightlife in Chennai

Clubs and pubs

Although most Indian cities aren’t designed in a way to incorporate performances and public spaces, there are quite a number of things to do in Chennai at night. The city might not come across as being one with a decent nightlife when compared with the other metro cities. However, with the rise in numbers of the expat community and IT corporates, a considerable number of changes have occurred to the city post-sundown, offering more places to visit in Chennai at night. Despite being a herculean task to sustain clubs and bars that are not installed in hotels, the city has a list of select venues that have kept the ball rolling.

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Considered to be one of the first established lounges in Chennai, Pasha is considered to be the hub of Chennai’s nightlife. Bring your group of friends and party till 2 am, while enjoying the ambience and the lounge seating, which is ideal for some quality unwinding time. Located in Nungambakkam, the lounge is quite the crowd puller, known for its alcoholic beverages and for being one of the popular things to do in Chennai at night.

10 Downing Street

Initially started in Hyderabad, 10 Downing Street, also popularly called 10D, is an English pub chain started by two friends. Playing host to some of the most entertaining and ‘happening nights’ in Chennai, the pub is quite popular for bringing in the ‘ladies Night’ concept to India. Enjoy a night of karaoke, retro dancing, delicious mocktails and co*cktails, and also different cuisines in this popular destination for nightlife in Chennai

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The Flying Elephant

Showcasing an electric and upscale atmosphere, The Flying Elephant is one of the best places to visit in Chennai at night. Whether its your first time to the city or not, don’t forget to take a peek at the living room, den and terrace areas. Featuring international and local DJs, artists and performers, Chennai’s nightlife can be summed up by the activity in this club. Groove to the Classic Pop and Motown tunes, while feasting on the in-house specials.


Located in Mylapore, Illusions is an individual establishment in Chennai that shuts down by midnight. With a mesmerising ambience, visitors have the constant feel and experience of a rave party. Enjoy Chennai’s nightlife by starting the night here and then continuing your pub/club hopping experience.

B Bar

Situated on Sathyadev Avenue in Somerset Greenways in Chennai, the bar is well-known for its vibrant nightlife, friendly service, good quality beverages and it’s dim but sensible lighting. Enjoy Ladies Night on Thursdays or Funky Fridays for sports enthusiasts.


One of the best places to visit in Chennai at night, Blend is a perfect retreat for the ‘hip and happening’ crowd of today. The décor exudes an international appeal with constant pulsating music that adds charm to the location. Try blending into the crowd by tasting some of the delicious in-house blends and shots.

Beaches in Chennai

Besant Nagar and Marina Beaches

If you are looking for a different perspective of Chennai’s nightlife, visit the Marina beach or the Besant Nagar waters late evening. One of the best places to visit in Chennai at night, the beach area is visited by numerous locals and tourists and is quite colourful with a range of vendors selling different items. Right from beverages to eatables, toys to funky clothing and jewellery, the beaches are pleasant during the nights while you enjoy the stalls and the peaceful sound of the crashing waves.

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Go to the movies


The next time you are in Chennai, experience the vibrant theatre scene by watching a movie in one of the 100 cinemas located in the city. As the entire state is proud of its vivacious movie industry, this is a popular nighttime activity. Be it Tamil, Hindi or English cinemas; the theatres have it all.

A Dose of Spirituality

Chennai ISKCON Temple

Located close to the Sea, the ISKCON Temple in Chennai is a place which can be visited in the late evening as well as early in the morning. Whether you are spiritually inclined or drawn by breathtaking architecture and scenic locales, this is one place which must be on your itinerary.

Music and Theatre

Go to a Concert or watch a play

The Music Academy at Chennai hosts regular music festivals and concerts. You could even head to the Alliance Francaise or the Egmore theatre to watch a play.

Things to do early the morning

Early to bed and early to rise is Chennai’s motto, and there is plenty to do and see in the early mornings here.

Go for a morning walk on the beach

Marina Beach, Anna Memorial and Besant Nagar Beach are the perfect locations for an early morning walk. Watch the sun rise above the horizon as the cool sea breeze fans you.

Explore your spiritual side

The Mylapore Kapaleeshwara Temple and Santhome Church are best visited early in the morning before they get too crowded.

Go for a local train Ride

The view of Chennai from an uncrowded local train early in the morning lends a whole new perspective to the city. Take the MMTS Local train between Velachery and Beach for an unusual experience.

A quiet city where dinner with the family and a movie after that is most people’s definition of a night out, Chennai is slowly but steadily discovering its identity as a city with a thriving and surprisingly alive nightlife. Chennai’s nightlife is steadily growing as the city tries to keep up with Mumbai and Kolkata. On your next visit, give the bars and pubs a miss and explore the quiet panoramic views and serene experiences that a late night or early morning jaunt offer. Visit and discover new aspects of Chennai and do share your stories with us.

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8 Amazing Places to Explore in Chennai at Night - Nightlife in chennai (2024)
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